Joost launches PS3 Compatible website

It has come to light that the Internet streaming site Joost has today launched its Playstation 3 compatible website, allowing Playstation 3 users to watch the content provided via the built in Playstation 3 web browser.

Directing your Playstation 3 web browser to will launch the dedicated channel for Playstation 3 users with a simplified interface creating an easy to use experience for those wanting to watch the provided streaming videos.

Though like the full website, videos are preceded by a short advert which cannot be skipped but can be looked passed if your willing to wait for the free content.

They have also coded the website to work perfectly with the Playstation 3 Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis controller. Once the website has launched you will be brought to the easy to use interface that is easily controller with the D-Pad, left and right to move through the different menus while up and down let you select the different videos or menu options.

The "X" or "Cross" button lets you select whatever you currently have highlighted, and holding the button down gives you a second menu also controlled by the D-Pad that lets you pause the video playing, skip back and forward in the playlist or full screen the video for your TV, which can be cancelled with a quick press of the "Circle" button.

Joost is now part of a few companies that have provided specialised websites for the web browsing consoles which include sites like Youtube and the BBC iPlayer, letting users easily access the content they want from the comfort of their living room sofa without the need of a PC or an OnDemand service.

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Are there viruses on the PS3? Are there browser exploits? How can Sony come up with a browser from scratch that works and MS can't? I'm not saying MS should, but it's hard to make the claim that it's a major hole in the system when it hasn't yet been an attack delta on a console yet. An exploit can come from anywhere, and Live! even has lots of cheating for example, even though there is no browser.

I know you can watch media on the 360 as well, that's fine, it just doesn't do the other stuff I want. So if I *only* had a 360, it wouldn't suit my tastes. But I have that, a PS3, and a Wii.

I really prefer blu-rays and my own media files because they don't disappear after, and I can bring them elsewhere and play them on OTHER machines than my console, so streaming isn't a question of quality for me.

For me, it's pay for Live!, or pay for another game in my collection. I will always choose another game! :)

As for network uptime, I think PSN and Live! are comparable, although I hear about Live! outages and cheating a lot more.

I can't really comment on a PS3 breaking, but I've been able to load up my content on another PS3 and play it fine. I really don't see what your point is.

Anyway I understand your points but my point was that I have different preferences and needs than Live! users or 360 when it comes to media.

^ dont come off as a fanboy in the first sentence, come on /sarcasm

You dont get websites on the 360 becuase of MANY reasons, yes microsoft is blocking you from other content but theres, but theres also the fact that people will code viruses if the 360 had a browser. Think of it, just like PC's a LOT OF PEOPLE have 360s. So someone would make a virus and etc etc.

Btw, You can watch your own media files on 360. I do it all the time. Via External or Network(thru my computer). Works fine. And Streaming? You kidding me. Netflix HD content LOOKS HD. My tvs set at 1080p and let me tell you its amazing. All depends on your internet connection.

Now, to the internet, Yeah Live is paid. SO WHAT. The service is always up. My friends PS3 that we use to play all the time when killzone came out, resistance, etc. It had the "no level up bug" after playing a full game and getting 32-19 or etc. Or just lagging out on us, or the PSNetwork being down.

Yeah live doesnt get that when the GAMES COME OUT. On opening night no lag. No server delay, etc.

Also, to argue another point, Content you download on a 360 can be downloaded to another console incase your console dies, your hard drive dies, you give it away, etc.

I had a customer come in 4 days after buying his ps3, it kept freezing when he would start a game. Then freezed loading a game up, at the "dashboard". Well he bought movies, and map packs that now wont go on his new console. SONY said they need his receipt for the console o_0. Receipt for the movies o_0 and the card/email/account name and password so they can go in and fix it. AND they wnat him to FAX all this to him and it will take upto 2 weeks. Its been about 3 days so its getting close to a week and no fix.

WTF? WHY? Why is it so difficult to attach content downloaded with a specific account TO a specific account. Yeah exactly. 360 does it better. I never liked microsoft, but with this there doing it right, where SONY FAILS. And they continue to fail.

I AM NOT being a fanboy. I grew up on nintendo and ps and loved it. I just dont like what sony did with the 3. Also, Im tired of seeing this bull**** by sony ps3 supports about live being paid and psn being free. BIG DEAL. Paid is better anyway, your paying for service to ALWAYS BE UP and if it goes down without notice for a long time, you can demand something. Free, your ****ed. You have to deal with it.

MS would never include a web browser on their system -- or anything else that would let you get at non-MS content. Instead of the web they have you pay a premium to have content that they choose.

Personally I prefer the PS3 online experience. The browser is free and has custom sites such as this, and Sony isn't blocking the competition or anything, you are free to look at whatever you want. I don't think I'd be interested in the content provided by MS, since I watch blu-rays, DVDs, and my own media files. I don't really like streaming content, it looks crappy and I don't want the content to disappear later. I want a broader selection. I can also play online for free on the PS3.

Just thought I might mention it because people usually dismiss the PS3 online experience, but I find it better suits what I want to do.

The interface is much better than the YouTube's one for the PS3, However the video selection doesn't seem to be so great as YouTube's, Maybe I need to play with the search feature more.