Jumpgate creators launch Kickstarter campaign for Squad Wars

The Kickstarter website is now the host for yet another fund raising campaign for a game that's being developed by a number of industry veterans. This project is called Squad Wars, a web browser-based title that promises to be a "true hardcore PvP space combat" experience with intense space fighter battles, conflicts with huge capital ships and more.

The game is being developed by END Games Entertainment. The founders of the company are Scott Brown and Ryan Seabury, who previously founded Netdevil and made one of the first real MMO games, the space-based Jumpgate. The company released two more MMO games, Auto Assault and Lego Universe, both of which were later shut down. Netdevil also tried to launch a revamped version of Jumpgate, titled Jumpgate Evolution, but that project failed to be released.

END Games Entertainment has already released a number of smartphone games, so the company is already well established, unlike other Kickstarter projects which are trying to launch a development studio as well as a game. END Games is currently looking to raise $280,000 on the Kickstarter web site to fund Squad Wars. With 28 days to go, it has raised less than $7,000 as of this writing

Image via END Games Entertainment

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id never invest in this piece of crap if there behind it. Was waiting for jumpgate evolution for a very long time i think the release date slipped by well over 1 year. dont care what this is supposed to be but i wouldnt be surprised if its sub standard by release, if it gets released. They prolly need kickstarter to get the funds cus after the legal battles from the publisher trying to get there money back no one would prolly loan them anything

Remember playing Jumpgate pretty hardcore back in the day. Our guild had a blast working the in-game economy, to the point of crashing it [the economy]. Was a point to the devs that the economy in the game had a very direct, drastic impact and was too easily manipulated. They didn't seem to care.