June AdDuplex : New OEMs and new devices come to Windows Phone

The latest report covering Microsoft’s mobile OS shows some interesting stats as to what’s happening with the Windows Phone platform. Our readers know that we take regular looks at the data coming from AdDuplex, a cross-promotion company, to see how the Windows Phone ecosystem is doing.

The report for June shows once again that Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview adoption is high, while also showing hints of growing competition among the platform’s OEMs.

First up we take a global look at how the Windows Phone market is structured. There hasn't been any significant changes on this chart for the past couple of months with Nokia devices, especially the low-end Lumia 520 leading the way.

We are however seeing a slowdown when it comes to sales of these mid and low-end Windows Phone 8 handsets, including the 520 and its variants as well as the other affordable 600 and 700 series. Their marketshare seems to have stagnated and even declined in certain markets in anticipation of new Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

In terms of OS version distribution we’re seeing a slow and steady decline of Windows Phone 7, a decline that’s been happening for the last two years now. Windows Phone 8.0 takes up more than three quarters of the market while the newest OS, Windows Phone 8.1, is already running on 7.7% of devices.

This shows a 2.5% percent growth compared to last month and it’s very significant considering WP 8.1 is just now starting to hit a limited number of devices in certain markets. As the roll-out goes on throughout the summer, this number is bound increase rapidly.

Taking a look at new devices and OEMs we’re seeing some encouraging, albeit small, changes in distribution. The brand new Lumia 630 that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 has started to show up on the charts and it’s even broken in the top 10 list in Italy, one of Microsoft’s most successful markets.

New Devices

New OEMs are also starting to show up including Prestigio, Micromax, Allview, all of which have been recently announced as new Windows Phone partners.

Finally a new unreleased Nokia handset is showing up in the data. The model name is RM-983/4/5 which seems to a mid-range Windows Phone alongside its carrier variants. All we know so far is that this device has a 5-inch screen with 720p resolution and that it comes with the newest version of Windows Phone 8.1.

For a bit more detail on the device marketshare and Windows Phone distribution be sure to check out the AdDuplex blog where the full report will be posted on Monday.

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Ok from the standpoint of someone that prefers MS services (windows 8/onedrive/onenote/office/wp) and as such gets a lot more benefit from this wholesale usage of their platform, I really want the platform to become more successful.

So after saying all that and admitting an obvious bias, I want to add that I feel I'm level headed and not a fanboy. I've said many things in the past when its been obvious to me that Ms needs to improve but I have also defended some seriously stupid opinions (based on my own opinion - who's else can I base them off?).

Anyway. So a few points to consider..

MS does not have the same cool factor as apple or goole with both techies and none techies. To some degree there is a MS hate flowing. Maybe its because its used at work and it policy can make you feel frustrated, maybe its the whole 'windows 90% market so is targeted the moat by malware'. Maybe its the success of iPad for general consumption (this was done in the past on laptops running windows and needing fixing every so often due to toolbar overload, fake Av, viruses etc) and now most have ipads or other tablets unaffected by win32 code (ironically like windows rt).
Whatever the reason there is definitely a different feeling towards ms than there is towards google and apple (the cool kids that can do no wrong).

So there's that for starters, which could also explain the vast majority giggling at Ms flat design and then as soon as the cool kids do it the vast majority of arguments or points are forgotten. Not saying everyone by any means but a lot. Its like mass amnesia.

I do also think they could be turning a corner. A see a lot more positive Ms comments now than 12 months ago, and since nadela took the reigns things seems to be sleeker and more tech focused. Services are updating faster and products are being released quicker. There seems to be a more tech focused approach (I know this is simply image but its the image nadela brings as he is very very tech focused). Services like OneDrive seem to be getting better and at better value by the month and cortana has me really excited. Things like the office subs allowing 5 installs and 5 users with 1TB of storage each is amazing value.

Things need to be polished off for sure, xbox music needs updates, skype, more features past the 8.1 rollout (the dev preview has been out a while and I can see most becoming impatient for more features as they've been using it for a while.

The unification should help and will benefit me.

End of the day I feel its picking up and I've got bored writing this now haha