KAYAK drops BlackBerry support due to decline in users

One of the most important components of a successful smartphone ecosystem is its apps. Exceptional hardware, a powerful operating system and strong marketing are all great, but apps represent the real user experience on any platform, opening up the full potential of a device and its OS to enrich the lives of its users. So when developers and brands begin withdrawing their apps from a platform, it’s never a good sign.

It’s an unwelcome development, then, that travel price comparison site KAYAK (via The Next Web) has announced that it is dropping support for BlackBerry, and that its current app on the mobile platform will no longer be updated with new features or fixes.

KAYAK used this image to illustrate its press release about its decision to drop Blackberry.

KAYAK’s statement on the matter was surprisingly regretful in its tone, but its sentiments will surely resonate with many users and observers across the mobile industry. Calling it a “practical decision”, the company stated that although “BlackBerry was (and is) an amazing messaging platform… it’s not working out to be a great channel for consumer mobile applications”.

Recalling that when KAYAK started operations in 2004, it equipped its team with BlackBerrys to maintain easy round-the-clock communication, it added that “today we’ve all switched, and it seems our users are doing the same. Our audience of BlackBerry users has been declining precipitously, and we can’t justify the cost any longer.”

The company also paid tribute to BlackBerry’s owner: “RIM was a smartphone pioneer and we thank them for what they’ve done, and wish them renewed success.”

The scale of the task that lies ahead for RIM – as it struggles to stay relevant in the minds of developers, brand and consumers – is considerable. This isn’t the first app to drop BlackBerry support in the last few months. Back in June 2011, Seesmic abandoned the platform; a more recent and more high-profile example was that of Gmail, which confirmed that it would no longer be supporting BlackBerry in November 2011.  

BlackBerry users who have already installed the KAYAK app can continue to use it, but the company emphasises that it will only continue to develop its app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian/Belle.

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jandler said,
business people travel alot...business people use blackberry too

business people travel alot...business people USED blackberry , now they use iPhones / iPads and Androids.

Steven Hutchison said,
That will be dropped next due to no users using that platform.

Nah, BB is hemorrhaging while WP7 is fledgling. See the difference? One is established and bleeding to death vs the other working on getting a foothold. One might say "but wp7 marketshare is dropping". Actually it only looks that way compared to Android because they're increasing so rapidly. WP7 is gaining users but at a slow pace. It needs far more devices at it's disposal to be a contender. Nokia is a good start as that will be my next device.

Hmmm, when 3rd party kills support for a device, it's not the manufacturer who is going to kill it, but the same 3rd party will.

Apple-a-Day said,
OH NOOO front page news?? Umm dont know a single person that uses Kayak..

I have Kayak on my Windows Phone.

Apple-a-Day said,
OH NOOO front page news?? Umm dont know a single person that uses Kayak..

i know we dont know each other, but i use that site weekly. i used it quite frequently on my Blackberry last year, and now use it on my Android phone. it's a great site and the Android app is pretty awesome.

Apple-a-Day said,
OH NOOO front page news?? Umm dont know a single person that uses Kayak..

please elaborate on how your anecdote is relevant?

Apple-a-Day said,
OH NOOO front page news?? Umm dont know a single person that uses Kayak..


I use kayak and everyone I know uses it. Kayak iPhone app is actually great and much better to use then the normal website.

This news is just as relevant to this site as all the other blackberry rumors and such.

if you dont like it, then dont come here.