KaZaA Lite Cracked K++ 2.0.2 build 6

A new version of random nut's k++ has been released. Some of the new features are:

  • More keyboard shortcuts (thanks to Aldo)

  • Dat View / AVI Preview / Sig2Dat / My Shared Folder / Help can be accessed from within KaZaA Lite

  • Includes Kazap (instead of Speed Up)

  • Made more foolproof by renaming kazaa.exe and using a second copy of the K++ loader as kazaa.exe. So no more topsearch.dll error questions from newbies?

  • Button to My Shared Folder replacing a empty button

  • Button to KaZaA Lite Tools replacing empty button

  • Sig2dat is used again for quicklink because the old tool has a serious bug with multiple hashes in a single quicklink

  • Contains KL Extentions (AutoSearchMore/Tool starter/K++ Config)

  • Minor installer improvements

  • Improved startup page

  • Updated FAQ.
Download: Download Link

News source: Zeropaid

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[neoquote=#13.1 by net-cruizer]Good, that's what we want. Just keeps gettin better and better.
I wonder if anyone even uses a regular version of Kazaa, now.[/neoquote]
well one things for sure - i'm defiatnely seeing more kazzalite users downloading from me.