Kickstarter effort for funding Björk Windows 8 app cancelled

A couple of days ago, we reported that well known Icelandic singer, songwriter and actor Björk was working with a team to launch a Windows 8 and Android version of her Biophilia iOS app. Now that campaign has been unexpectedly halted well before it was scheduled to end.

The Kickstarter page has a new update from the team behind the app, which is designed to teach users about music via an interactive experience. The update stated:

Seems like the costs were too gigantic and we too optimistic, so it seemed cleverest to pause it for now. Things seem to be changing fast; perhaps in a year, even months, there will be a far cheaper way to reprogram this.

The campaign was originally supposed to end 19 days from now. It had a goal of raising £375,000 before the deadline. The campaign had only raised £15,370 before the decision was made to cancel the fund raising efforts. The Biophilia app tram said they were "extremely grateful" for the help and support they received and they hinted that they could launch a new fund raising campaign sometime in the future once development costs to make the apps come down.

Source: Kickstarter | Image via Björk

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Software does cost a lot of money when you factor in engineers and designers. I know a lot of companies charge this much for development and design. The designs go through many stages and there's usually multiple designs made too. For example, the "Twitterrific" iphone app made by iconfactory cost more than $250,000 to make factoring in the salaries of the designers and developers and other expenses. Iconfactory is a famous company known for making software and especially icon designs. They made the icons for windows xp and windows vista too. A reputation like that and with their experience means prices are high. Outsourcing development to third world countries doesn't always yield in good results.

because companies actually charge that much to make software. its actually the norm. its even more expensive once you factor in hosting and maintenance.

But rich millionaire engineers from big tech companies resign and setup their own startup companies. Then they go ask for funding from investors. It's better to play with other's people's money than yours. It's just about convincing investors and giving them a small percentage ownership of your company.

Seems like a ridiculous amount of money. It's a pretty advanced and cool app though from looking at videos on youtube, and it even has David Attenborough voicing the intro. But still, seems way too much money especially considering they're porting it, not making it from scratch.

nekkidtruth said,
So...apparently creating a Windows 8 and an Android app out of an iOS app costs more than $375,000? Lol..what?

you would be surprised what companies charge to make apps. Why do you think some companies are hesitant to make apps for platforms that have low marketshares?

vcfan said,

you would be surprised what companies charge to make apps. Why do you think some companies are hesitant to make apps for platforms that have low marketshares?

But Android has a majority market share.