Kim Dotcom: Mega now has over 3 million users

A month ago, the new Mega file-sharing service launched with much fanfare and media attention. The successor to the shut down MegaUpload site was created by MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom. Mega even got its own launch party, held at Dotcom's mansion in New Zealand. That same location was raided one year prior to the Mega launch as part of the operation by US law enforcement authorities to shut down MegaUpload.

Dotcom said at the time that the new Mega service got one million registered users a day after it went live to the public, which caused a number of server slowdowns and access issues. Monday, he posted word on his Twitter page that Mega now has over three million users, which would seem to indicate that the service's growth is now occurring at a more reasonable rate. He added that Mega now has over 125 million files uploaded on its servers.

It remains to be seen if Mega will reach the number of subscribers that accessed MegaUpload, which at its height had 185 million registered users.

Source: Kim Dotcom on Twitter

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I thought I'd like it, but I don't. You can't download large files unless you use Chrome. And when you're downloading a file, you can't navigate away from the page. It has a weird way of downloading a file to your temp folder which doesn't save it to your download folder until the download is complete.

I don't know for sure, but I believe that's because when it downloads it it's all encrypted. Then when it finishes it's decrypted and copied to your downloads folder. Don't quote me on this, just my assumption from seeing it.

i having trouble downloading > 100 MB files, even on chrome,
since i currently in area where the internet connections was sub-par at best,
sometimes the download process just can't be resumed when interrupted.

no problem downloading < 50 MB though.

its also quite annoying as i can't use download manager for the new mega.

Anaron said,
I thought I'd like it, but I don't. You can't download large files unless you use Chrome.

So does that mean Download Managers are out?

Soldiers33 said,
The new site is so rubbish, you keep getting prompted to use chrome and if you skip it wont let you download nothing.

The reason they gave is that Chrome has a much more complete implementation of filesystem APIs compared to other browsers. You can download the files with Firefox if you install their extension that acts as a temporary replacement until Mozilla decides to implement the required parts of the spec.

What is happening with his case? Have they decided to stretch it out so people and the media lose interest so the FBI can run off with their tail between their legs because NZ won't bend over for them?

Good on him.