Kim Dotcom to hold Mega press event at his infamous mansion

Kim Dotcom has been teasing us about the launch of Mega, his next file sharing website, for the last few months. The founder of the now shutdown Megaupload site is now preparing to show the site off to select members of the press via a press event that will be held at his mansion in New Zealand.

Yes, that's the same location that US and local law enforcements official raided in January as part of the shutdown of Megaupload, allegedly for online piracy violations. Dotcom, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, has since moved back into his home while awaiting an extradition trial which may not happen until the summer of 2013.

In the meantime, Dotcom is preparing to launch Megaupload's successor, Mega, and he used his Twitter account earlier today to invite members of the press to sign up online to attend the media launch. Dotcom said that some journalists will get the chance to access Mega 48 hours before its planned launch on January 20th.

And what will the press event be like? Dotcom teased us with this post:


That's indeed saying something from Dotcom, who is known for his rather extravagant lifestyle. This is the same person who put in a fake inflatable tank on his lawn a few days after the raid on his mansion.

Source: Kim Dotcom on Twitter

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KDC~ Cant do small ? Is that why hes a fat f***er ?

Looking forward to it to be honest. Just his way of giving America the middle finger lol. His recent antics are amusing. Not so sure about his "malware" based music business plan . but if it bring change its all good I guess ?

Yup. He's like that annoying guy that hangs around your group that no one really likes because all he does is try to show off but never really has anything to show off about.

I hope he talks with a menacing accent and has a white fluffy cat that he strokes ever so slowly... menacingly... infamously...

The real inflatable tanks were found to have a severe design flaw in that they were inflatable
So they switched to fakes one