Kim Dotcom wins access to evidence found in Megaupload raid

In January 2012, FBI and local police raided the New Zealand mansion rented by Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. The raid was just part of the U.S. government's operation to shut down the file-sharing website on online piracy charges. During the raid, law enforcement authorities took a ton of documents and hard drives filled with files from the mansion as evidence in their case.

Now, Reuters reports that a New Zealand judge has ruled that Dotcom and his defense team must have access to all of the evidence that was taken during the raid, including anything that was forwarded over to the FBI. Dotcom also mentioned the court's ruling in a Twitter post:

The judge ordered all of the evidence that is considered to be relevant to the case must be copied and turned over to Dotcom's legal team. Any documents or files that are deemed to be irrelevant are supposed to be given back to Dotcom. It's a major legal victory for Dotcom, as he and his lawyers continue their long fight in court against the U.S. government. Dotcom's hearing on whether or not he should be extradited to the U.S. is scheduled for August, but Reuters stated that court date may be delayed.

Source: Reuters

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A common faculty of law was granted on this occasion. The extradition hearing is more of a .. ahem.. "choice" for #politicians

Nashy said,
Lol. NZ doesn't bow down to the US. This is great.

yeah, but when its happened, theres many who diss the NZ as US's dog countries.
Perhaps some NZ nationalist doesn't like it.

doesnt bow down? so how could that have been happening in the first place. they just have had really bad publicity about one of the richest - if not the richest man living in nz

well yes and no depends on who's dick is being shoved into our prime ministers face for him to suck on right now it would seem he likes obamas tan todger

This could become a tug of war between new Zealand and the US, trying to get the evidence. This was such a huge takedown/case of megaupload, I don't think the US would simply hand over the evidence (or would they?).