Kindle Fire to get exclusive digital DC Comics

This month, DC Comics started releasing digital versions of its DC Universe-based comic books on the same day the print versions were put on sale in comic book stores. Today DC Comics announced a further expansion of its digital comic book plans and this time Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is involved. The upcoming tablet, due to be released on November 15, will allow uses to purchase and download digital versions of 100 of DC Comics' graphic novel collections.

Many of these graphic novels will be available for the first time in digital form via this new agreement with Amazon. They include Watchmen, perhaps the single most acclaimed comic book of the past 25 years, from writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. Another graphic novel making its digital debut is Superman: Earth One (shown above), a new version of Superman's origin written by J. Michael Straczynski and penciled by Shane Davis that was released in 2010.  Both Watchmen and Superman: Earth One are available to pre-order at Amazon's Kindle Store with both priced at $9.99 each.

The full list of graphic novels that will be available to Kindle Fire readers can be checked out at DC Comics's official blog site. They include classic works like Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come, and more. There are also a number of graphic novels from DC Comics' Vertigo brand for mature readers. They include V for Vendetta, The many Sandman collections, and more. Pricing for these digital graphic novels have not been announced.

Image via DC Comics

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I guess this is not unexpected. This is what Amazon and B&N really excel at. With Amazon they will have:
1). Kindle bookstore
2). Amazon Mp3 store
3). Audible Boooks
4). Appstore for Android
5). Amazon video services

This most certainly is a loud shot in the low to midrange tablet market. It is basically a good BN Nook Color with betters specs and a much more planned out media/content delivery system. The 7" screen may not make some people happy. The lack of 3G might be another. Finally, I think there has been a lot of complaints about it being amateurish for not having front and back cameras.

I don't see any of these being a problem. I don't really care whether or not it would have cameras. To me this is feature creep. If I want to take a picture, I will either use my phone or pull out my DSL. If I want video, I have a 1080p cam for that.

As for the screen being only 7 inches, I can live with it. The lack of 3G, however, gives me pause. I can see why they would drop it as to keep costs down. The more frustrating thing may be the lack of additional storage as 8gigs is kind of small even with their Cloud storage.

Still, it is not a bad first attempt at a tablet/reader. It will diffidently change the landscape. It is likely to pretty much end a number of the lowend tablets that are currently on the market. It might also make it more difficult for some vendors to scaled up models for significantly more.

Its interesting, I believe this will do really well.. all these people are trying to sell tablets similar to the ipad and are losing.. you have to do what apple does and make a new device category.. amazon can now rule the budget tablets and by doing that they will make a ton on sales of their digital products