Kinect for Windows SDK to be updated October 8th

Kinect for Windows officially launched by Microsoft earlier this year and since then the motion gesture device, originally made for the Xbox 360 game console, has been used by a number of companies, mostly for creating non-gaming applications.

Today, in a post on the official Kinect for Windows blog, Microsoft announced that it will release a major new update for the device's SDK on October 8th, adding a number of new features. Microsoft states:

We’ll be adding features such as expanded sensor data access—including color camera settings and extended depth data—to continue to inspire innovative uses of the Kinect for Windows technology in new and different places.

Microsoft adds that the new SDK will add support for Windows 8 desktop applications but there's no word on when Kinect for Windows will add support for the "Modern" UI apps for Windows 8. It will add support for Microsoft .NET 4.5, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

In addition to the new SDK, Microsoft will launch the Kinect for Windows hardware in a number of new countries, including China, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Poland, which will bring the device to a total of 38 countries.

Source: Kinect for Windows blog | Image via Microsoft

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I really wish they had basic interface control built into Windows 8. I was really disappointed when I connected it and had to install drivers and could only use the demos included with the sdk.

I was hoping for Kinect support in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. This really would have differentiated the platforms!

siah1214 said,
When are we going to see the fruits of this labor?

There was a Car Manufacturer that has already implemented this technology in their Car Sale Marketing tactics.

Flippinwindows said,

There was a Car Manufacturer that has already implemented this technology in their Car Sale Marketing tactics.

I saw that, and that's all well and good. I'd really like to see this on my computer as a new form of input. There's a lot of potential here not being realized, and I'm sure Microsoft sees it too, so when are we going to see it? :\