Kinect Star Wars won't be released in 2011

One of Microsoft's big Xbox 360 game announcements at E3 2011 last June was Kinect Star Wars. The third person action game from developer Terminal Reality and co-publisher LucasArts was originally scheduled for release before the end of this year. However, today Microsoft confirmed that Kinect Star Wars will be delayed. According to a statement from Microsoft posted on the Official Xbox Magazine web site, "Microsoft and LucasArts have elected to move the launch of Kinect Star Wars beyond holiday 2011 to ensure the full potential of this title is realized." A new release date was not announced but presumably the game's release has been pushed back to sometime in 2012.

Microsoft added that the delay of Kinect Star Wars also applies to the release of the special edition Xbox 360 Star Wars console that was first announced just a month ago. That means Star Wars fans won't be able to purchase the R2-D2 themed version of the game console with the 320 GB hard drive for their Christmas present for themselves.

The game itself is set during the prequel movie timeline as the player portrays a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars era. Using the Kinect controller will let the player use their hands and body to fight with a light saber in the game. You will also be able to "use the Force" via the Kinect camera to lift and throw in-game objects. Other Kinect based actions will include driving a pod racer and firing lasers from a star fighter.

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SpyderCanopus said,
Motion controllers are a fad. Nobody wants to hold their arms and wave them around or point at the TV for very long. Gamers are lazy.

Yeah, thats why Kinect do record sales.
What you said may be true for HC gamers who spend 12 hours playing their fav title but 1. casuals are more in number, and they don't do day long clan wars 2. every now and then a HC gamer too can feel the urge to stand up and wave those arms about; not every gamers are lazy fatsos sitting under a pile of empty pizza boxes.

I think they are holding it back due to the negative views it received and how awful it looked to handle. I really hope that is the case, so that they can fix it and release something that wont be a total bore and mess.
All game play videos of it looked very bland. With the enemy just literally running up to your sword for you to poke them. The presenters couldn't even get it to move correctly, and many times during different videos you can see them getting frustrated trying to get a move off.

"Microsoft and LucasArts have elected to move the launch of Kinect Star Wars beyond holiday 2011 to ensure the full potential of this title is realized."

That's believable. As of right now, I am hardly inclined to buy this at all.

Though, one can assume it also may have something to do with SW:ToR releasing this holiday season as well, and they (LucasArts) don't want to step on their own toes.
Just an assumption, though.

EDIT: Yeah, what thenetavenger above me said!

Lucas Arts is making a promotional and marketing decision. Which in the gaming world has had some strange and/or bad decisions over the years. *swg nge cough*

With the popularity of KOTOR, based on the record breaking pre-orders, Lucas Arts wants to put all their focus on the Bioware/EA launch, and not let the other products get lost in the media/buzz.

This will give the product a clear launch window from Lucas's viewpoint, and if KOTOR is popular (as it probably will be) will offer a new SW audience for the product in early 2012.

Additional development time won't hurt either, as the game was started based on the original Kinect tracking, and could be adjusted to use more of the hand recognition, etc of the fall Kinect/XBox software update.

Hate to be a nit picker, but KOTOR is short for Knights of the Old Republic, a game which came out some years ago (great game BTW) but the new MMO game you are referencing should be SW:TOR or just TOR, for Star Wars: The Old Republic.