Klout scores now influenced by Bing searches

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that you could see a person's Klout score if he or she signed up to use the social networking ranking service inside Bing search results. Now Microsoft and Klout have announced yet another new Bing-related program that could help you increase your own Klout score.

In a post on the Klout blog, the company announced that users who sign up for the service could see their score go up when others search for those users on Bing. Klout believes this new feature will help to boost the rankings of people who perhaps are not as active in social media as other but are still highly influential people.

The blog uses the billionaire investor Warren Buffet as an example, who is clearly well known and has a huge influence in his field but doesn't use Facebook or Twitter a lot. It states:

Our first step in solving the Buffett problem was to incorporate Wikipedia data into the Klout Score. Today, with the inclusion of Bing search results, our ability to measure influence beyond social indicators has taken a big leap forward.

Klout's blog hints that more news on their Microsoft-Bing collaborative efforts will be revealed in a few short weeks.

Source: Klout | Image via Klout and Microsoft

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who actually uses klout? anyone notorious don't need it to tell them that they are, and anyone who does need it, probably isn't actually all that influencial.

I use Klout because one of the jobs I had to apply for required a Klout score of 50. I don't know if I'm that influential so I had to sign up to find out my Klout score. Turned out I barely passed.