Kojima Disappointed WIth Metal Gear Solid 4

Looks like Kojima Jr. isn't the only one disappointed with Metal Gear Solid. The latest issue of the UK's Edge magazine contains an interview with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, who expresses disappointment with the latest game in the series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It isn't so much the gameplay itself as it is the graphics.

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So they intended to create something PS3 couldn't actually handle :suspicious: ...Mate, how about making a PC version...we'll all soon have quadrillion CPUs and your vision will come true...

Well at least it will be pretty? In my mind, no MGS was better than the first. Shame they only remade it for Gamecube (i think)

To be honest, this isn't really news as such. Any modest person is rarely ever pleased with their own work.
It's what keeps us humans striving to do better, to improve on the original. Kojima does this all the time, it's why just about every Metal Gear Solid game has been remade or had a second release with bits added on (the so-called "substance" games).
The artists and people who think everything they do is brilliant and love themselves, they're the kind of people you meet and want to punch in the face for being such an arrogant prick.

To be honest, this isn't really news as such. Any modest person is rarely ever pleased with their own work.

It's true, specially when we talked about a perfectionist like kojima.

maybe we can cool it with the CGI teasers now, since they only lead to disappointment.

i guess if it takes 10 years for the game to be released, the fans will forget about it and be happy with what they have

i wonder if he wanted to delay the game again???? sony couldn't afford to let that happen no matter what.

his opinion donesn't matter that much, the game will still sell, he just expected more out of it but the limitations were too great to get his vision implemented, this won't affect the sales if the reviews give great scores, I think his standards are much higher than of the most reviewers it will get AAA no matter(I think at least)