Kotaku: Stardock to Roll out Impulse Phase IV in September

Kotaku has a preview of Impulse Phase IV.

Impulse is a new digital distribution platform in which PC users can purchase, download, install, and update any type of PC program games, utilities, applications, etc. Launched about a year ago, Impulse has increased its user base at an exponential rate as it has gotten the support of major PC software and game publishers such as THQ, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Activision, Corel, Paradox, and many others.

The new version of Impulse comes with an update client that allows users to associate their purchases with a single account. When a user who gets a new PC can then install Impulse, logon, and then download and install all their Impulse purchases easily. It also includes a new store designed to handle the vastly increased library of games, applications, and utilities that have been being added over the past few months and to prepare for this Fall when back catalogs from major publishers are being added.

Stardock will be demoing the new version of Impulse at PAX with it becoming generally available in September.

News source: Kotaku
View: Impulse home page
Screenshot: Impulse Phase IV
Screenshot: Impusle Phase IV

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rm20010 said,
Not sure if Impulse has this yet, but Steam's in-game overlay is unbeatable. It works with most games too.

impulse has one to, but not as meany features in their friend lists and stuff
no voice chat either in it

Hopefully the new Impulse will be faster then the present version. From click to full run it takes at times up to a full minute before it shows the window—just a little slow.

FoxieFoxie said,
God, will they ever update their stardock app? Bought it like two years ago, still using same version.

You would need to be more specific. Stardock is the developer which makes many desktop apps. Tell me which app and i can probably give more info.

Each to his own I suppose. There are some things Steam does better, but also some things Impulse does better. For example, I find download speeds on Impulse to be much much better than on Steam.

Wow, download speeds on steam are awesome. Switch the distribution point manually maybe?

Impulse really needs to emulate steam and improve upon them rather than going off on a different tangent. Steam is big.

Raa said,
Agreed, I've had no problems whatsoever in maxing out my connection using Steam.

That is a rather pointless statement - you might be on a 300 baud acoustic coupler for all we know.