LA Kings' fans use 163GBs of AT&T data during final playoff game

As the Los Angeles Kings celebrated their well-earned victory becoming the National Hockey League Champions for 2014, AT&T also celebrated and shared some of the statistics from its Distributable Antenna Systems from within the Staples Arena. During packed events like the NHL finals, there is a massive load that hits the cellular network that can usually create bottlenecks and will result in sluggish data speeds, dropped calls, or text messages that can't be sent. I'm sure most of us have experienced this at some point, and needless to say, it's a terrible way to experience a mobile network. 

Luckily, AT&T has a DAS system set up at the Staples Center where multiple events are held throughout the year. Not only does the stadium house teams like the Clippers and the Lakers, but also concerts, award shows and more. This was especially the case during the Kings run towards the Stanley Cup. The DAS systems were able to handle the intense load that averaged close to 98GBs during this year's playoff games. This is roughly equivalent to 280,000 posts to social media channels like Twitter, Vine, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Even more staggering is the amount of data that was used during the final game of the playoffs against the Rangers. During the final game alone, the stadium crowd managed to consume a mind numbing 163GBs of data. While this might seem like a lot, this is only accounting for what AT&T customers used in the stadium. Although I don't have statistics for other carriers, I'm sure that they had equally brutal nights that tasked their mobile networks with massive amounts of traffic.

Although we might not even second-guess cell service at a busy venue, companies strive to create a better experience by utilizing DAS systems. Next time you're at a concert, sporting event, or outdoor festival, see if you can spot your favorite carriers DAS systems. If you can't, there is a good chance you'll be in a world of hurt experiencing poor or sluggish service. 

Los Angeles Staples Kings image via Shutterstock

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And in what? I'm guessing gsm services are not taken into account 'cause they aren't exactly data services. So this would include browsing, sending pictures, posting bla bla? And yeah, that's a short ammount of traffic, not a lot by any means for any carrier to struggle with.

If total, that's not much at all considering the amount of people there.

Lets say 20,000 people using 4Mbps for one minute:

20,000 * 4Mbps = 8Gbps * 60 (1 minute) = 480Gb / 8 = 60GB

So in one minute that's 60GB of data.

Of course not all people would use it and not all would use 4Mbps BUT this is just one minute, play with the numbers and its still not a lot of data.

163 TB would worth of mention, but 163 GB is very little nowadays, considering it's national finals.

For comparison.

Back few months ago Megafon reported 400GB of mobile data was used by their subscribers to watch 4 games of sledge hockey during paralympic games in Sochi. That is paralympic sledge hockey, which isn't popular at all.

MTS Belarus also reported 6,7 TB of local mobile data was used to watch IIHF 2014. 420 GB was used during Belarus - Swissland game.

Its really not that much only 0.8 megabytes each lets say 50% of the people tweeted an image or took a picture or two which was backed up with google+ or whatever is the iOS equivalent it doesn't take much to get to 163gb....

Timi Cantisano said,
true, but this is only accounting for ATT. Im sure 18,000 people werent using ATT

Doesn't matter that was the amount of data going through their towers in that arena. I doubt they have anther networks towers in there.