LaCie admits to year-long security breach exposing credit card details

LaCie, a computer hardware company known for their hard drives and flash drives, recently admitted that they have suffered from a year-long security breach which compromised the credit card info and contact information of an undisclosed number of customers.

The security breach was first acknowledged by LaCie (now owned by Seagate) in an email to security blogger Brian Krebs on Monday. According to Seagate spokesman Clive J. Over, customer credit card information may have been exposed for nearly a year, beginning in March of 2013.

I can confirm that we did find indications that an unauthorized person used the malware you referenced to gain access to information from customer transactions made through LaCie’s website.”

“The information that may have been accessed by the unauthorized person includes name, address, email address, payment card number and card expiration date for transactions made between March 27, 2013 and March 10, 2014. We engaged a leading forensic investigation firm, who conducted a thorough investigation into this matter.

Over also noted that LaCie has "temporarily disabled e-commerce" on their website while they work to transition to a more secure payment services provider, and that they have reached out to the individuals affected to "inform them of what has transpired."

LaCie is the most recent in a line of organizations affected by security breaches leading to credit card theft, including Target and even California's DMV. According to the FBI, credit card theft is on the rise, and general security breaches -- especially those occurring via Point Of Sale machines such as cash registers -- will continue to increase over the near term. 

Source: Krebs On Security | Image via Shutterstock - credit card on hook

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I always use an Visa Debit card that leads to an empty bank account after the transaction has been made so even if my number gets taken you aint gonna get squat

LaCie? Aren't they the company that sticks standard hardware into shiny boxes and sells it gullible Mac users for twice the price of equivalent products? :)

Yes, I once made the mistake of buying Lacie and I tell you, the quality of the stuff _inside_ the shiny box is ridiculously poor (just like with Roku). Good thing was that support process was good (unlike as with Roku), but thinking what happened to OCZ (at least partly due to sucky quality, had to RMA Vertex 2 4 times until they replaced it with Vertex 3), I'm just waiting for the same to happen to Lacie.

I have twice had fraudulent charges on my credit card. Once I noticed a charge from Germany on my card statement (yes always check your statement). I was in Germany the week before and it was an unrelated charge to my visit. Contacted the back, canceled card, bank investigated and refunded. Other time bank canceled my card as a precaution because there was a charge from Russia. Bank realized was fraudulent and canceled card, refunded and sent new card. Yes you have to be careful at all times.

Really? I didn't realise that either!

I wonder how online stores are supposed to know where to ship my purchases...

Then you have completely revolutionised the way purchases can be delivered to clients!
I strongly suggest you write a book and start selling this fabulous method you've discovered, you'll make a mint - if people know how to send you the money of course...

Shadowzz said,
Credit cards :) One of the stupidest forms of online banking ever.

And yet in 10 or so years of using credit cards online I've yet to have mine stolen. Even if it does get stolen every single credit cards come with fraud protection and you're never responsible for purchases you don't make it.

So if your card does get stolen, call up your bank ask them for a new one and ask them to expedite it. You'll get your new card in 2 days.

Then a lot of banks have been offering virtual credit cards that can use on websites without having to reveal your real card number. They can be set to one use, recurring use and some will even allow you to set a limit.

It's far safer to use a credit card online than any other form of banking that you might be thinking of.

So that companies you done business with have the card number, expiration date and confirmation digits leak it like this for a year.... sure call up your bank to prevent damage, oh wait the damage is already done, to late.

Just because the bank refunds malicious withdraws doesnt make it a save payment option.

Keep in mind for every company that opens up about "I've been hacked", a dozen more are hacked without saying or knowing.

Such a save solution, constantly having to worry whether or not someone has access to your bank account and is or isn't withdrawing your money from it or causing greater debts.

But keep defending an easily abused system, lets not implement a proper one.

I for one am glad payments here are done at the bank itself. (PIN, iDEAL) and not at the store like with credit cards. Not having to worry whether or not I can trust someone or a store with my bank details.

We, your customers, really appreciate your prompt actions to make us aware of possible fraudulent charges that maybe affect the credit cards we used on your site..... /S