Laptops beat desktop shipments in Q3 2008

With 3rd quarter sales, revenue, and earnings posted and evaluated, several surprising facts come into play. iSuppli, a market research firm, has evaluated desktop and laptop sales, and for the first time ever, laptop shipments this quarter have been above desktop shipments.

38.6 million laptops were sold last quarter, only slightly above 38.5 million desktops sold. Notebook PC shipments rose 40 percent over 3rd quarter 2007, while PC shipments fell 1.3 percent over 3rd quarter 2007.

HP held the top spot for notebook shipments and PCs (14.9m units), with Dell in 2nd place (11m units), but Acer is quickly catching up (9.7m units). Acer accounts the large increase in notebook shipments to it's Aspire One Netbook line, a small and cheap laptop. Following Acer was Lenovo and Toshiba.

The laptop and netbook market is expected to grow even more in the current quarter due to the holidays and netbooks being even more aggressively priced. Also, several cellular networks are supposedly beginning to roll out savings plans to make netbooks even cheaper when bought with a data plan.

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Another option to go for a laptop other than a desktop is that you can get them for free.

Well, free as in paying £20 for a mobile broadband contract which is only worth £10. And the extra £10 pays for the laptop. So it's not really free. But it gets people buying them!

I really hate laptops, not enough power for price, fragile, no upgradability, proprietary components, low quality hardware, one point of failiure. :(

And I can't build them

I'm not surprised, even if I'd wish to run Windows and play games, my MacBook could do that too, with an NVIDIA 9600GT, 2 GB RAM, and 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo. Heck, it's the same RAM amount and CPU as the year-old stationary desktop computer it's replacing.

No problems with mice, keyboard, screen size, even using it as a media center either, just hook up the peripherals you need as you need them, but retain the advantages of being portable when you need that.

nowadays, notebooks are so powerful and cheaper than they were before! They are also more reliable and it's great! Those who argued about notebook's power, I don't know what do you want to do with your computer that this specifications is not enough for you! This a Dell Vostro 1510 which I have and it's great! I bought it like 1200 Dollar with everything.
# CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T9300(2.5 GHz, 6MB)
# RAM: 4 GB
# H.D.D: 320+ GB
# VGA: GeForce 8400 256MB dedicate

I believe same specifications also exist in some models for other brands as well. Except for 3D rendering stuff which I never did It's quiet sufficient for all purposes. Isn't it?

Hm... There are so many powerful computers at works and mini super computer at universityt and even small computing grid that to have powerfull machine at home which is not portable does not give any additional benefits. I have 2 desktop PC and from what I can say I don't need that power even MacBook is so powerful now. Yes, I work with computers every day and I use a lot of power than I need. But for most of the people and for the of the time you don't need powerful machines. 80% of the time spend with computer is for what? Basically for chat, e-mail, internet, YouTube and etc. People are starting to realize that they don't need that powerful machines to do what they most of the time do and at the same time they save money. And with everything going to the "cloud" this is how everything is going to be.

with the state of the economy people just dont have the money to drop £1000+ on a desktop computer so really its no suprise that laptops are exceeding desktop sales. Also the hardware in modern laptops has improved drastically and performance whilst not the same as your latest intel i7 it beats the intel P4 of yesteryear !

Lots of reasons why laptops sell more than desktops, to name just three: cost, the fact ppl are increasingly feeling they can't get by without some form of computer & portability.
RAID 0 said,

Not enough power and I don't trust them, i.e. higher rates of failure

This describes exactly why I would much prefer to have a desktop than the laptop that I have at the moment. The only real advantage that laptops have is that they are smaller and more portable. Altho I think that wireless mice and keyboards and large screens can increase portability within a room to a certain extent.

I work in PC World, and we have about 8 rows full of laptops, and just 2 for desktops.

We barely sell any desktops - it's gotten to the point where managers already assume we're selling a laptop if they see us with a receipt.

i pretty much agree with first poster.

cause Desktops are pretty much easier better than Laptop's overall cause there generally much cheaper and alot more power on them... so unless you NEED portability a Laptop aint all that special.

I love my Macbook. It's so much easier to deal with thank having to mess with a desktop in terms of portability and things like that.

love my XPS 1330... and since i got rid of my desktop my elec bill has gone down $100 a month :D... not really shocked though the store i work at we sell like 18 different model laptops yet only 5 desktops...

I love my laptop... I guess you wouldn't call it a laptop (it's basically a 17" DTR), but it's still plenty good for me. I can take it on a plane ride - which is good enough for me, although for Uni it's a bit of hell (I get 2hrs batt), so I'm probably going to spring for a netbook of some kind soon.

I also plan to dump my computer, just because it occupies too much space and I'm sick of the wire salad. I'll get a huge laptop which should replace my desktop PC and a 11"-14" notebook which I'll use when I'm not at home.

Soon we can expect (2009) the mobile version of Core i7 and added to that the mobile GPU will only get more powerful. Then those laptops can be called Desktop Replacement.