LastPass 2.0.20

LastPass is easy, secure password and data management. Not only is the LastPass Password Manager free, it saves you time while keeping you safe. While our minds struggle to keep track of an increasingly complex variety of online accounts, LastPass allows you to effortlessly save, organize, and access your login data.  After downloading the LastPass Password Manager and creating an account, you'll be able to securely store your login information, autofill and autologin to your favorite sites, and sync your saved data across all major browsers and platforms.

What's new in this version:

  • New: Security score is calculated automatically and shown next to the Security Challenge link in your vault.
  • New Maxthon browser support (beta)
  • New: Perform hashing in binary components to speedup login, password iterations now recommended to be increased to 5000.
  • New: Windows 8 metro app is available in the Win8 store. It is free, download it when you upgrade to Windows 8.
  • New: Preference to clear login credentials that were filled by LastPass automatically on logout.
  • New: Windows Phone application recently got an overhaul. Windows Phone 8 is now supported. We have reset everyone's trial, so if you want to out the new app, please try it.
  • New: LastPass Sentry - Run the Security Challenge and be notified if any of your usernames have been leaked.
  • Resolved: Fixed NTLM authentication in IE.
  • Improved: Generate Secure Password more accessible in toolbar menu.
  • New Enterprise Feature: SAML Support extended to include, SalesForce, Zendesk, and others.
  • New Enterprise Feature: Send security score policy - see the security score for all user's in your enterprise so you can see who may not be following best practices.
  • New Enterprise Feature: Super Admin Password Recovery does not require user to change password to setup.
  • New Enterprise Feature: Push sites into user's vaults.

Download: LastPass 2.0.20 | 10.5 MB (Free, paid upgrade available)
Download: LastPass 64-bit | 14.0 MB
Screenshots: >> Click Here <<
View: Homepage | Release Notes

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Lastpass has a proven record be being reliable and safe, wonderful product. I recommend using it with Yubikey for two-factor authentication, hard to find a better solution out there IMO.

For those of us who have so many passwords that just "remembering" them would not be a practical standard to work with. Really who remembers that password for that site you found that great info on a year ago...

Your Lastpass will have it...

I don't care how encrypted my account information is, storing it online in the cloud will always be a bad idea. Develop a way to remember your passwords, change them frequently, and never write them down. Keeps the mind sharp anyways.

**** that for a laugh. I've got 798 passwords stored in KeePass.

I keep my banking info and other important stuff stored off line, but for everything else, LastPass is fine.

.... do you know what you're talking about?

- does not have they key to your passwords
- automatically keeps an offline copy in case the site goes down

For a tech site, Neowin does seem to attract an surprisingly high number of uninformed comments. For the reasons that billyea points out, Lastpass is, of course, perfectly safe. In fact I trust it enough to put virtually all my key information there, including financial and other banking data (I'm self-employed, and the same goes for my business data). I can access that information anywhere, even without internet access. I also make use of their 2-factor authentication with a Yubikey - perfect.
The number of dumb comments out there about the supposed 'dangers' of using such an excellent and secure service like Lastpass sound more like superstitious old-wives tales than the outcome of rational thought.