Latest iPhone Update Boosts Wi-Fi Reception, Users Say

iPhone owners are reporting that the second update issued this month for their smart device has significantly boosted its wireless reception, even though Apple Incorporated only said 1.0.2 included unspecified "bug fixes." Owners on several popular message forums have come forward with claims that the iPhone now connects to wireless access points once written off as out of range. Some who applied the 3.7MB update swore that speakerphone volume, a long-standing issue for users who complain it's too low, was boosted by the new software, while others insisted it was as low as ever. iPhone users can wait for iTunes to automatically check Apple's update servers or retrieve 1.0.2 manually by selecting "Check for Update" under the iTunes Help menu and then docking the iPhone to their computer.

News source: PC World

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The uber smoooooth, polished screen of my co-worker's iPhone felt rather good against my sack... shhhh... He still doesn't know what that smell is....

Strangely, I've never really liked Apple products (Macs mainly), yet I picked one up for the email/web features. It may have bugs, but at least it cleanly patchable, unlike most other phones on the market. This phone honestly keeps me more productive with my work!

Some who applied the 3.7MB update swore
"User Say" ... no crap! Only an Apple fanboy would buy such an expensive phone and you don't see them being honest and objective when it comes to talk about their beloved product.