Latest MS Update Causing Major Headaches

Broadband Reports is running a story regarding the latest MS update to fix problems with animated cursors.

"Users in our Security forum note that the latest critical Microsoft Windows update (KB925902) is causing all kinds of problems. Most notably, it prevents some users from loading anti-virus software, but others say the update prevented them from booting entirely. "So far, we have errors with AVG, Realtec, F-Secure, a false positive of a Trojan, a messed up Vaio, USB problems and Accessories and Utilities all vanishing into thin air," says one security forum regular."

I have personally installed this on two Vista machines and one of them failed to boot after the patch was installed. Unfortuntely patches that are often pushed out too quickly to fix critical flaws cause adverse issues on certain configurations as we have witnessed in the past. Watch out for Microsoft rectifying this with an update to the patch. Until then do not install the update if it's causing issues to your machine and report these directly to Microsoft support.

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I just happened to have a freshly reinstalled and fully updated XP SP2 on a 6 month old laptop when I let this update happen yesterday. Nothing unusual at all in the configuration, clean registry, etc. The reboot after the update brought up an attempted DLL file relocation error involving an .ocx file. After clicking that away, the computer worked, but the tray icon for the Realtek High Definition Audio didn't appear, and the icon for the Sound Manager in the Control Panel didn't work. A few more deliberate reboots didn't clear the problem, but eventually, I found a later driver on Realtek's site (also on Softpedia). That seemed to clear the problem.

Since yesterday and continuing today, my mouse pointer isn't working properly. For some reason, it's "dropping" anything I'm attempting to drag, like an icon to the Recycle Bin, or the edge of a window. It's also sporadically opening programs instead of dragging the icon. I don't know if this is related to that particular update though - but it was fine until then. It's a USB cordless mouse, and I understand some people have reported USB being broken after the update. Interestingly, the pointer works fine when operated via the Synaptics touch pad instead of the USB mouse.

Auto check for updates on, but Auto-Update OFF... its the only way to fly. This little sucker is just sitting there completely at my mercy...die! MUWAHAHAHA! Actually I did install it anyway and have no ill effects. :nuts:

After installing on my WXP/SP2 machine, I had a death on restart. The system recovered admirably though - no slowness, no instability, just old hardware.

It might've been this patch that fubar'd my registry (stop C0000218 error on boot). Oh well, time to load that backup I made the other day...

No problems here.

Sounds to me like it's another case of crappy 3rd party software tying in too deeply to system files.

On a Gateway Laptop, it stopped the LG-DVD Burner from loading drivers correctly, AVG is fully updated but still shows the "out of update" black icon in the systray and the Security Center does NOT reports it as out of date.

Oh yeah I definitely thought it all had to do with this update... I installed yesterday and I had to do a System Restore on the Gateway notebook...

I got some DEP alerts after rebooting after I installed the patch but that's it and all seems normal so far. =/

Everything seemed OK at first. Then I launched the TV program for my Compro VideoMate Gold+, and screen, no picture. Switching channels didn't show the channel, either. Thank gawd for system's working fine again with Monday's restore point. And no, I hadn't made any changes to my system in the last two fact, I just did a clean install two weeks ago, no time to screw it up myself yet...

edit: I turned off automatic install of automatic updates...just for the time being. I'm behind a hardware firewall. Darn glad I turned off automatic updates for my MCE machine months ago, or I'd possibly be screwed...

I installed the update on Vista and so far did not notice any problems.BTW im using AVG Internet Security and no problems with it either.Maybe some combinations of hardware and installed software are causing problems on the affected systems.

Jesus christ on a bike! I approved this on wsus yesterday (3am install!) i hope this hasnt killed my 400+ machines I would only have 4 days (dam you bank holiday weekend!) to re-image "the network" for the school

Well, my USB is totally f**ked, exactly after installing the patch, and rebooted. Flash card readers won't even work. Strange thing is that my IPOD Video can still connect to my XP without any problem. Ain't that strange?

All seemed ok last night turned off PC and today when starting it hung at the XP window, had to press the reset button and it came right. Never had that before, maybe coincidence?

I had issues on my main pc (LOOOOOOONG bootup, etc)

Strangely enough, my laptop WITH Realtek HDA - no issues at all.

Both pc's XP Pro SP2.

How strange is that! I'll run the hotfix through both though.

I think I have iPod issues. I was surfing the web yesterday and started hearing the USB disconnect / reconnect sounds.

I ended up with my IDE controller not working (optical drives), as well as several other items that I can't remember off hand. I'll avoid reloading that update in the future.

Here's one thing I just found :
"Engineering a patch is a long, complex process," director of the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), Mark Miller, said. "We look at surrounding areas of code for similar vulnerabilities and, from our internal investigation, address as many as we can find."

Yet according to what I'm seeing, the GDI should have been thoroughly evaluated almost 3 years ago. I know I could be dead wrong here, but the GDI dosen't seem like a lot of code, relatively speaking, based on the compiled size of its components...

Then again, the same WMF issue (appears the same to me anyways) earlier this year, also apparently GDI related... so it sounds like they spent 100 days picking their noses, to be honest, because apparently the GDI has been full of this and similar fsckups for years!!!

That should be enough to shake anyone's confidence in Microsoft's code auditing process.;922353983;fp;16;fpid;1
(These quotes are taken from an ARNnet article) :

If, as Miller said, Microsoft used at least some time of the patch development process looking for similar vulnerabilities in the affected code, why wasn't the 2007 animated cursor flaw found in 2005? "We're doing an analysis of why we didn't find it then," Miller said.

i installed the patch, and when it rebooted, my mouse didn't work. Tried a different mouse on all the USB ports, couldn't find my regular old ps/2 plug mouse...

but i booted up, went to hardware manager, and the usb ports were gone! I had to re-install the USB port drivers, and then the mouse worked again... i hate using the keyboard to get around windows! ugh!

not sure if it had to do with the patch, but it happened right after it was installed and rebooted... works fine now tho...

Until then do not install the update if it's causing issues to your machine and report these directly to Microsoft support.

This doesn't make any damn sense. How can you know if it's causing issues if you don't install it? Take an English class.

I personally don't get how a GDI fix has anything to do with your USB drivers, I think that your Windows install is fckd since I've installed this fix on about 20 machines without any problems so far. Or anyways, if it does, I'm really curious to know how exactly that's working...???

i had the Realtek problem
an error popped up on every boot saying something about rundll being relocated or something like that by some ocx

i updated the Realtek sound drivers for my GIGABYTE board and everything came back to normal...

using the Realtek sound drivers, i had major headaches with this, as did my dad.. my computer wouldnt boot. would get to the XP loading screen, sit for a few seconds, and then restart back to post. safe mode wouldn't load... the windows CD wouldn't even recognize the partition file format... had to re-partition my drive and install XP. what i REALLY want to know... is why did Microsoft continue to distribute this patch to its customers knowing it was doing this to PCs? i mean, this patch was to cover their asses with that custom curser exploit, yet ive heard of more computers effected by the fix than by the problem.

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