Latest Windows Phone TV ad serves up cupcakes

Last time we checked into Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 TV ads, we saw former Saturday Night Live team member Andy Samberg create a film with his toes as characters on the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Now Microsoft has posted up yet another TV ad that links its new mobile OS to the two owners of a cupcake shop in Washington, DC.

In this case, the shop is Georgetown Cupcake and its owners are Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne, who also happen to be the stars of the popular TLC cable TV reality series DC Cupcakes. The TV commercial itself shows how the two sisters use the HTC Windows Phone 8X to help organize their lives as well as help them with inspiration for new cupcake designs and flavors.

Microsoft has posted up two more short 15 second videos that once again have Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as its focus. One of them shows how Newton can store his pictures on his SkyDrive account. The other clip shows how he uses the messaging and calendar features on Windows Phone to schedule "important" meetings; in other words, set up a day and time to play with his friends in online Xbox games.

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

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Most of any Windows type ads I've EVER seen are about as stupid as last nights WWE Raw show (although that show is TOTALLY retarded all the time and I usually despise using that word)

I;ve been very well known NOT to use a product just because of it's totally unimaginative, or maybe TO imaginative, commercials! They are just so stupid that I figure if they can't hire a better ad team than that, they must not have very decent employees either and/or don't really have a clue what they're doing!

These ads remind me of the god-awful BlackBerry ads with the scientist, DJs and concert promoter telling us why they need their antique devices to get any work done.