LCD TV Pioneer Sharp Loses Market Lead

According to market research companies iSuppli and NPD Group's DisplaySearch, Sharp is no longer the world's leading maker of flat-panel TVs since rivals surpassed the Japanese company in unit shipments last year. Both research companies found that Samsung Electronics, based in South Korea, rose to the top spot, though they differ in Sharp's relative ranking to Philips, Sony and LG. DisplaySearch also found that on a revenue basis, Sony stole the No. 1 spot from Sharp for the first time in 2006. Edward Taylor, a vice president of TV market research at DisplaySearch, said: "I don't think the game is over for Sharp. Technologically speaking, they're out in front, but Samsung and Sony are right there, and those two offer a broader product range."

News source: Physorg

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sharp with their aquos range from 46" to 50" all have problems with banding in the UK. i did consider a shapr unit-but since they were full problems and Sharp decided to do NOTHING about it they lost alot of business from potential customers.

I went for a Samsung F71 40" instead

I think part of the problem is that they have focused too much on the high end sets and forgot to really keep up in the midrange arena. In the 20" - 40" range, Sharp simply doesn't have a set they can claim is the best on the market. On top of that, Samsung and Sony have much better marketing than Sharp, thus planting the seed in the customers' minds way before they get to the store.

bangbang023 said,
In the 20" - 40" range, Sharp simply doesn't have a set they can claim is the best on the market. .

so which company's do think has the best all around

lcd hdtv
lcd plasma

monitor's out @ this time

every tells me its Samsung or Pioneer or Pioneer(Elite) and Toshiba
maybe in the low class dell