Leaked images show Samsung Galaxy S5 might have a redesigned UI

We’ve found out quite a lot about Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 hardware already, but as we’re getting closer to the launch, interesting things about its software are being revealed. More specifically that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might come with a whole new UI.

Noted leaker @evleaks, has posted quite a few images that seem to show a whole new card-based interface that’ll be the new TouchWiz. Images leaked a couple of weeks ago when rumors started to go around but it wasn’t clear if this new UI will actually make it to market. Now it seems like that’s a bit more likely and no doubt many folks are excited.

Samsung themselves have remained silent on the supposed update, but in a previous statement they did hint that a new design was something they were looking at for the Galaxy S5. It looks like this may include the user interface as well.

The user interface is one area where OEMs can differentiate the Android OS and there’s very little doubt that users will be excited for a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz, a skin that hasn’t seen a major update in a long time. The Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled in March and launched in April.

Source and images: @evleaks Via: PhonesreviewPocket-lint

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Good to see that Samsung have - after two lawsuits and a billion dollars in damages - finally given up ripping off Apple. Now they're ripping off Microsoft. How cool is that?

I don't understand how Windows Phone fanboys no longer appreciate transparency in a UI. It's as if they've been brainwashed. Windows Phone (like iOS 7) is too bland for me.

20legend said,
I just use Nova (Prime) launcher - so frankly don't give a shizzle what the latest TouchWiz looks like......

Could not agree more.

Same here. Only issue I've had is killing Samsung's voice control in favor of Google and a few other quirks. Pretty easy to flash any of the multitude of custom ROMs if you really hate everything samsung.

I always find it funny when MS fans accuse others of "stealing" ideas...too funny.

Mr. Dee said,
Ugly is an understatement, Koreans just have no design taste do they?

It looks really nice IMO. A bit pointless when there are already Google Now cards, but it certainly looks nice.

Mr. Dee said,
Ugly is an understatement, Koreans just have no design taste do they?

What does poor design taste and Korea have to do with anything? I'm more willing to point the finger at Samsung, since they seem to be consistently weak in terms of design.

Just like the leaked UI of Nokia's supposed Android phone. It shows that Modern UI is a solid concept that just needs refining, which it will get over time. After using WinPhone 8 and Win 8.x I personally cannot bear going back to static icons. Seeing news, email headers, shipping updates, currency exchange rates from a home screen without opening programs is really efficient.

The way the concept is applied to ' thing you love' smells like Metro to me. But then again Sammy did always steal from the best so like Apple before them Microsoft can be proud.

It looks like a cross between Google Now's cards, and the Windows Live Tiles designs, neither of which I'm particularly fond of.

PeterF said,
Hmm rectangles, will version 2.0 also support squares? ;-)

Aaaa the Android UI... Bloat and mess in a nutshell

WinRT said,

Aaaa the Android UI... Bloat and mess in a nutshell

To be fair, Samsung is known for bloat. Ppl who care about it will use custom roms. That being said, at least android does things. WP is still pretty useless.