Leaked Letter shows RIAA pressuring ISPs

The RIAA is asking for additional cooperation from ISPs in getting customers targeted by the RIAA's file-sharing sting to cooperate, according to a letter recently leaked to P2P attorney Ray Beckerman. In it, the RIAA lays out its vision for how it would like ISPs to cooperate with its efforts to identify and sue those accused of sharing music over P2P networks. This includes communicating a standing offer of a $1,000 settlement discount should the subscriber settle before a lawsuit is filed against him or her. The letter also discloses plans for a settlement web site that will launch later this year.

MediaSentry, the RIAA's investigative arm, typically identifies suspected copyright infringers by IP address. One of the record labels whose music was discovered in a shared folder then becomes the lead plaintiff in a John Doe lawsuit. Via the discovery process, the ISP is then forced to turn over the name and address of the account owner who was using the IP address at the time of the alleged infringement. At that point, the John Doe case is discontinued and the label sues the individual fingered by the ISP.

Full Story: Ars Technica

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Well they want to really stop piracy they should start by going to NYC mta train because I see chinese people selling pirate stuff and over here where I live you would see ton of booleg cd THEY ARE MAKING PROFIT not p2p people, but I guess RIAA they are MAFIA so go after easy target.. punks.

I honestly wish this corp would die instant death, disappear.. but we know won't happend

The RIAA's lawsuits will soon be a thing of the past!

ISPs are no longer going to be able to track what people are downloading from each other, as people are switching to a new breed of encrypted file-sharing apps which already exploding across Europe; I use GigaTribe for instance (http://www.gigatribe.com) since no ISP can trace or see what I'm exchanging...once these types of apps catch on, it's only a matter of weeks before the RIAA lawsuits disappear.

I wonder if RIAA, MPAA and anti-piracy companies are watching this type of sites?. If that is real then a war will start very soon. To battle the extremist and terrorist.

They don't need to, you said yourself that they're more powerful than the government as it is. People would vote them out of office if they were electable.

sucks to be you guys in america lol sorry but riaa are really just pathetic i think everyone will agree apart from the mindless drones lol go after pirates who make money not the average joe who probably wouldn't have gotten the crappy music in the first place lol

i agree ... they should be going primarily after the people who sell the music instead of the average joe who would probably not buy the music they pirated anyways even if they where stoped from downloading it in the first place.

i think RIAA is just suing people to line there pockets as it's EASY for them to just randomly sue people then actually do something productive.... cause they KNOW the average joe has NO chance against them in court.... if there right or wrong.

bottom line... RIAA can go screw themselfs.... there a corrupt organization!