Leaked Media Defender e-mails reveal secrets

Peer-to-peer (P2P) poisoning company MediaDefender suffered an embarrassing leak this weekend, when almost 700MB of internal company e-mail was distributed on the Internet via BitTorrent. The e-mails reveal many aspects of MediaDefender's elaborate P2P disruption strategies, illuminate previously undisclosed details about the MiiVi scandal, and bring to light details regarding MediaDefender's collaboration with the New York Attorney General's office on a secret law enforcement project. We have been reviewing the data for days and will have multiple reports on the topic.

MediaDefender specializes in file-sharing mitigation—practices that disrupt and deter infringing uses of P2P file-sharing networks. Music labels and movie studios pay the company millions of dollars to temporarily impede the propagation of new releases in order to compel consumers to pursue legitimate commercial distribution channels. MediaDefender accomplishes this task by using its array of 2,000 servers and a 9GBps dedicated connection to propagate fake files and launch denial of service attacks against distributors.

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The e-mails, unfortunately, also contain some highly sensitive financial information, including a spreadsheet with the salaries, Social Security numbers, and home addresses of individual MediaDefender software developers.



There is an HTTP mirror of the leaked emails (I won't post it since a warning would probably be the least I'd get), and some of the quotes are classic... Especially when MiiVi got discovered and the whole thing just ballooned before they could lift a finger over it

How can you accidently share 700MB of emails over Bit Torrent? I thought you had to :
1) make a *.torrent file using a client
2) find a tracker
3) upload the file
4) seed it

An average-joe network administrator along with a reasonably good equipment can easily see and track P2P traffic on it's network and receive an alarm via cellphone or on any other device.


Dude, did you even read the article?

Apparently, MediaDefender employee Jay Mairs forwarded all of his company e-mails to a Gmail account, which was eventually infiltrated.

C_Guy said,
Impossible. Google is all about privacy.

Oh wait....

What the hell was that trying to subtly say? Privacy bugs in Google's Google search engine are NOT done on purpose you know. Stop being a heinous-stupid-kiddos.


...and there was me thinking it was just a bunch of cracker lowlifes that always seemed to have any file I looked for on LimeWire with massive available bandwidth, all of which were fakes and contained viruses / Trojans...

If that really was MediaDefender then they are in breach of the Misuse of Computers Act by knowingly distributing malware with the sole purpose of disrupting computer networks. DoSing is also illegal. Being on the side of the "good" guys doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.

700MB ?
no, there was 1.5GB of MySQL data and another 1.4GB torrent, so i make that 2.9GB of data stolen... to which i say, PWNT

As they say in the article, the e-mail data leaked was about 700 MB. They aren't talking of anything else, although yes, more have leaked since then, including phone calls.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Fair enough spreading fake files of copyrighted material but launching DoS attacks is over-the-top, particularly if it affects the targets ability to share legitimate files.

lol quality :P

I wonder how quick Jay Mairs at MediaDefender will get his marching orders for this!

Imagine emailing all that info to your own gmail account what a prize tool!