Leaked video of Xbox One dev kit does not please Microsoft's Major Nelson

In August, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, head of Xbox Live programming at Microsoft, was filmed unboxing an actual Xbox One Day One retail box. That was an official promotional clip from Microsoft, but now it looks like someone else has gotten his hands on an Xbox One unit well ahead of its Nov. 22 launch date and is showing it off on the Internet.

The video was posted over the weekend on YouTube but was later taken down. However, another copy of the video was later uploaded by another source. The clip is narrated by a young man who claims he got his hands on the unit because of "reasons" but does not elaborate. The Xbox One in the video appears to be a dev kit; there's a white hardware SDK sticker on front of the Xbox One that the person who made the video tries to hide with  cables but doesn't entirely succeed.

In a post on Reddit, Hryb comments on the video, stating simply, "This is unfortunate. And being dealt with." That rather sharp tone makes it clear that Hryb, and Microsoft in general, is not happy at all with this situation. We will have to see if Microsoft goes after whomever leaked this clip.

Source: YouTube via WinBeta

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It's a NDA breach so it's a big issue for Microsoft and to some degree the press that it's waiting to do their own unboxing but they can't because they can't break NDAs. Not a big issue to us the consumers though, other that a poor quality "unboxing" that we shouldn't even take into account, plus, this boxes are for early SDK purposes and might not represent the final retail product.

Astra.Xtreme said,
Umm what? We knew what the 5S and 5C looked like months before it was announced. And nobody cared...

He's referring to the iPhone 4 'leaks'.

Lol, thats channels so getting taken down and the fact hes doing nothing to hide his identity or the identitys of the hardware/software he is using to make the video.

His Dad or Mum are obv gears in the supply chain or something. That or an Indy dev whos got a dev kit and passed it on.

What's the big deal about this leak? Doesn't show anything that we didn't see before and the hardware itself isn't available to the masses.

In this situation, if it is a DevKit as the article stated, there is a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that came with it that you MUST comply and agree with to receive the product. Basically, you cannot talk about it with someone or provide any information outside of Microsoft - it is only between you and Microsoft.

I know he says at last bit about showing it off as in turning it on but it would be good if he did it then