Leap Motion's hardware to be bundled with some Asus PCs

We have been following the story of Leap Motion for a while now. The startup company has been promoting its upcoming Leap PC add-on device since May of 2012, which it claims will enables highly accurate motion sensing interaction with a PC. Leap Motion has been taking a limited number of pre-orders for the Leap for $69.99.

Today, Leap Motion announced that the add-on would be bundled with a number of Windows 8 PCs made by Asus. Specifically, Asus will include the Leap device in the company's " ... upcoming premium All-In-One (AiO) PCs and high-end notebooks."

Cnet also reports that Leap Motion claims to be talking with other PC makers for similar bundle deals, although nothing has been signed at this time. The device, which could be one of the first major competitors to Microsoft's own Kinect for Windows add-on is still expected to launch sometime in early 2013, along with its own app store. Leap CEO Michael Buckwald claims that the company is already mass producing the Leap and is now making "between hundreds of thousands and millions of Leaps."

Leap Motion has also announced it has secured more funding for its startup. It has now raised an additional $30 million, bringing its funding total up to $45 million.

Source: Leap Motion

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Interesting approach with the device and the store, I personally would have liked to have seen MS take the lead on this with Kinect but oh well, will be interesting to see if this further accelerates how we interact with our desktops or if this just turns out to be another novelty.

Leap Motion's demo is so well done it's almost hard not to be skeptical how it would actually work in real life and real environments. The way I understand it is that they use ultrasonic sensors instead of IR like the Kinect and they could actually put these under a keyboard so the "sweet spot" would be a natural area where your hands are anyway.

Definitely something to watch.

there are already quite a few hans on videos from developers which show it being as good as the video above shows, still those are dev units but they're already quite small and such