Legend of Zelda prototype on eBay for $150,000


If you're feeling nostalgic and willing to spend some money, there's an interesting offer listed on eBay. For a mere $150,000, you can become the proud owner of a Legend of Zelda prototype NES cartridge. According to the seller it's not a joke and he even placed a video on YouTube to prove the cartridge is fully functional. Tom Curtin also says that without a doubt it's the pinnacle of his collection and he challenges anyone to come up with anything more important in the video game collecting scene. Late Tuesday there were 37 offers with several pending, but most of them declined.

The cartridge is yellow with a white label reading "HP NOA 2-23-87 Legend of Zelda", with the numbers probably indicating the date the prototype was ready. The original game launched on the 21st of February 1986 as a diskette for the Famicom Disk System, a peripheral for the Famicom, the Japanese name of the NES. The cartridge version became available a year and a half later.

25 years ago, Legend of Zelda was a bestseller for Nintendo selling over 6.5 million copies. It was the first NES game to sell more than one million copies.

Source: Ebay | Image via Ebay

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well the good thing about rare items being so expensive is it's like a secondary lottery. lol. i've got tons of rare items, but i'm afraid to sell them because.. i have OCD

ahhell said,
Someone clearly doesn't understand how the collectibles market works.

That would be this seller if he thinks anyone is going to pay that ridiculous price.

IF there were any advantages over the gold one I already have, and if I have $150k, I'd buy it! Love Zelda and a collectors items would be amazing to have!

MariosX said,
Who's gonna buy it for 150k $?
I've got a Legend of Zelda for NES should I sell it 50k?

No because its not rare enough.

There are some rare (and usually crap) games which colleectors prize highly and will pay a small fortune for.
If this can be verified as real than it could easily be worth that much money to an avid collector

Ehhh I dunno, when he took it apart in the video, who's to say he didn't just take a copy of it from a release version and put it into that casing?