Lenovo could launch Windows Phone device in 2013

When Microsoft first announced its plans for Windows Phone 8 in June 2012, it also revealed its hardware partners; Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei. Since then, the first three companies have launched Windows Phone 8 smartphones and Huawei will have its own device in the marketplace soon.

Now there's word that 2013 could bring a fifth Windows Phone hardware partner for Microsoft and its one that has some history with the company: Lenovo. ZDNet.com reports that the company's vice-president JD Howard said there is a "good chance" we will see a Windows Phone device from Lenovo sometime this year.

The final decision on whether or not to enter the Windows Phone business won't be known for a few more months. Howard said that the division he is in charge of, the Mobile Internet and Digital Home (MIDH) group, has sent a proposal for a Windows Phone-based smartphone to Lenovo's management; the "go-no go" for their proposal is expected sometime in April.

Of course, Lenovo has a long history with Microsoft thanks to its PC plans and Lenovo has launched a number of Windows 8-specific products in the last few months. There are also persistent rumors that Microsoft could launch its own "Surface" phone product.

Source: ZDNet.com | Image via Lenovo

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este said,
I wouldnt mind this, as long as the stock ROM is not full of bloatware junk and it comes to Sprint

Seriously, how do you get bloatware and junk on any Windows Phone?

Uninstall works rather well, and with the security model of Windows Phone, uninstalling is absolute; even on OEM installed products that some users would consider to be essential features of the phone.

Android is the only smartphone that includes pre-installed content that cannot be removed.

To #thenetavenger.

People are used to Android, they think it's the same on everything else.
You are absolutely right, on WP you can uninstall everything you want, in like 30 seconds.
On android you must flash a ROM to get the stock one.