Lenovo Eyes Packard Bell for Acquisition

Chinese computer giant Lenovo Group, which acquired IBM's PC division in 2005, is now planning for further expansion, announcing today that it is in exclusive exclusive discussions about a potential acquisition of Packard Bell. Lenovo said it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an independent third party to explore the possibilities of acquiring the European PC company, which was bought out last year by Hong Kong entrepreneur John Hui.

Lenovo is currently continuing negotiation with the works council and said it is undertaking the necessary enquiries with all concerned parties and government bodies in preparation for entering into definitive agreements for acquisition. Should all the necessary checks and balances be met, the deal will be conducted under the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing rules. However, Lenovo is still warning shareholders and potential investors that the proposed acquisition may or may not materialise. Further announcements will be made as and when appropriate to comply with requisite listing rules and procedures.

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if i had the money i think i'd get a new Thinkpad T61 because they are looking really tempting. Not sure if i'd go widescreen or not tho.... If i do it has to be a 14" WSXGA+ screen which i still don't see as an option yet but it is in the tabook tho. Maybe a year from now i'll prolly get one of those or maybe a T62 whenever those come out.

i was about to say the samething. Packard Bell? If i wasn't as big of a geek as i am i probably wouldn't even know what the hell that is. LOL

That part about tarnished, i wonder what caused that. I just never liked them (insert whatever reason here). I remember my friend Kerry had one and i hated using his system! OMG!

I don't like Lenovo... we use to only buy thinkpad's... they were great under IBM... they where great still until Lenovo started tinkering with them... now since they are completely lenovo branded... we've had just tons of problems with them... Don't know what they did... but something happened... and it's making us reconsider thinkpad's...

Well while i haven't dealt with Lenovo directly, i haven't seen their work i don't see much change in the new machines other than some good stuff (rollcage) I had a T21 back in the days and now have a T42 and it's still before they started being "Manufacturered for Lenovo" so this is still an original IBM one but since IBM is still backing them i don't hear of much trouble.