Lenovo finally starts selling Erazer X700 gaming PC

In January, as part of its many CES 2013 products announcements, Lenovo revealed plans to release the Erazer X700, a gaming-themed desktop PC with a tower case that has an angular and rather "sci-fi" villain look. Today, Lenovo sent out an email finally announcing that the Erazer X700 is now on sale.

Lenovo's product page for the desktop shows three versions of the Erazer X700. All of them have Intel's second generation Core i7-3820 processor inside, clocked normally at 3.6 GHz. However, the Erazer X700 allows for the PC to be overclocked to 4.2 GHz by just touching one button on the desktop. Users can also customize their own settings for overclocking the processor.

All three models have Windows 8 installed, The cheapest Erazer X700, at $1,699, has NVIDIA's GeForce GTX660 inside with 1.5 GB of memory and 12 GB of overall RAM, along with a 1 TB hard drive. The $1,999 version has the same graphics card, but with GDDR5 memory, 16 GB of RAM overall and a 2 TB hard drive. The most expensive model, at $2,449, has AMD's Radeon HD 8950 graphics card with 3 GB of GDDR5 memory, 16 GB of overall RAM and a 2 TB hard drive plus a 128 GB SSD.

While the Erazer X700 is on sale, orders taken on the Lenovo website won't start shipping until at least July 19th or later, depending on the model.

Source: Lenovo | Image via Lenovo

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Core i7-3820 is not second gen. It is Ivy Bridge; 3rd gen. Should've been Haswell considering the HD8950 - which considering the GTX 770 should be around HD7970Ghz level. Each of those have excessive RAM (better be nearby best quality and not cheap 1333Mhz). Are they aware we could build this, save the exact case and unreleased GPU (lets say $600 max) , for much less than half?

I built my first desktop in 10 years a little while back, 3770k, Asus deluxe MB, 32gb 1800 RAM, 4TB+128 SSD for OS W7, 650 Gold PSU, Noctua cooler (monster air cooler), Best logitech wireless mouse/kb, corsair case,blue ray RW, and GTX 780 was just popped in all for around $1700 (ballpark).

My point is, any real enthusiast would just do what I did and build their own to get the best performance, and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. Too easy. I actually liked the case a little bit, but who exactly is the market for this thing? It reminds me of 4 cylinder mustangs, looked good on the outside, but get out of their own way when driving. This is a sad effort.

The exterior of the case is nice, but the interior... not so much. I'd rather go with Alienware in this department. They've been doing the gaming machine thing for a long time now and their Aurora cases look a bit nicer.

man I haven't had a case with a PSU on the top for years.... the more I look at the insides of this the more I think this is a cheap Chinese knockoff... but then this is coming straight from Lenovo (which is Chinese but their stuff usually doesn't reak of cheap knockoff quality)

I thought my cable management was bad. There's no management at all! And that poor power supply will be the only thing to remove all the heat made by the graphics card. You can buy more stylish garbage cans for way less.

I quite like the exterior of the case.

But other than that wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. For that price I would expect the latest gen i7 and far higher spec graphics card.

2nd gen i7? why? we have much more efficient processors then sandy bridge now...

and this system is a waste of space... the inside pic's make it look like a generic thrown together system with no real thought to how it's laid out