Lenovo posts record sales just as PC market shrinks

Though the PC market as a whole has been shrinking for a while now, some manufacturers are still doing better than others. Lenovo has just announced their results for the fiscal quarter that ended on March 31st and they have had a great quarter.

The manufacturer reports a 10.2% growth for its PC business compared to the same period last year. That amounts to a record of 52.4 million PC shipments during the last quarter which puts Lenovo at 15.5% of the global market share.

Revenue was also up four percent year-over-year at $7.8 billion, and the company saw a 90% increase in net profits; from $67 million to $127 million.

Lenovo is also actively expanding its “PC Plus” devices such as tablets and smartphones which, while less successful in the west, are gaining a lot of ground in the Asian markets. Lenovo now has 5.9% market share of Smart Connected Devices, which amounts to 3rd place.

Source: Lenovo Via: Techeye | Image via Lenovo

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... And nobody to say Windows 8 is a part of this success (of course it's probably not BUT as it's probably not for other manufacturer's decline)

warwagon said,
Doesn't Lenovo also ship with it's own version of a start menu on Windows 8 machines.

It does, but it's by far the worst launcher I've seen in the last 10 years of custom OEM launcher add-ons. The Dell Dock is less of a waste of time than Lenovo's attempt at a Start menu. Nobody anywhere is looking at Lenovo's launcher and saying "Well that takes care of that!"

Oh Yeah.. now Lenovo is doing great that means windows 8 is doing great. Did any where in the report said Lenovo's major shipping is Win 8 OS. I read an article other day where it was clearly mentioned Lenovo's main growth came from enterprise sector and guess what.. they were shipping windows 7 preinstalled with a Windows 8 disc as supplementary. But if that gives you the reason to turn blind eyes to the real factor then go celebrate success of windows 8.

Dot Matrix said,
"Windows 8 has caused the death of the PC mar- oh, wait...

See what happens when you give a damn about your products?

Of course W8 was not the cause of the decline, less than ever the death of PC. At the same time it did not boosted sales though. As for Lenovo it interesting to note that the Thinkpad X, the convertible Tablet ships with W7 and not W8. Personally I was almost ready to order a Helix but then I ended up ordering a Thinkpad X; the Helix is light, slim but a cells battery is not enough for me. And yes I will install W8 on it.

grunger106 said,
Thinkpad X and T Series.
Best Laptops on the market. Period.

already because of the red trackpoint - got the T420 myself as working machine. love it

grunger106 said,
X200s here
But Thinkpads (the 'real' ones - X, T, W) generally = Great Keyboard, Great build, 3 Yr Warranty

No questions about it, simply the best.

TrackPoint is one of those *better ideas* that Lenovo kept when they bought the PC business from IBM. ThinkPads (and TrackPoint) are old - to give you an idea HOW old, they predate Windows 9x.

It's about 4-5 hours of decent use (games, apps, vpn/rdp, multitasking, etc). The up side is it really only takes about half an hour to get to a full charge.

I always said Lenovo was doing windows 8 right. They didn't just slap 8 on last years design but at the same time, they didn't kill last years design and only do something new. They delivered on so many fronts and guess what, they're putting cash in the bank

And also they seem to be the only ones who took Windows 8 seriously from the get go and built beautiful devices around it and not the same rehashed $300 laptop with a Win 8 sticker slapped on it as most OEMs did.

No surprise really, some of the stuff they are building at the minute is fantastic. I've been using a Lenovo U410 for a few months now and can't fault it. It is one hell of a fantastic machine. I'm usually a Dell fan, but the build quality and looks of the stuff Lenovo is knocking out at the minute is brilliant.