Lenovo recalls 100,000 laptop batteries

The world's number 3 computer maker is taking a serious hit, as this is the company's second battery recall in the past six months. In September, IBM Corporation and Lenovo said they were seeking the recall of 526,000 rechargeable, lithium-ion Sony batteries purchased with ThinkPad computers after one of them caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport. Lenovo bought IBM's personal computer division in May 2005. Lenovo Incorporated recalled about 100,000 laptop computer batteries Thursday, warning that they could overheat and cause a fire. The latest recall involves batteries made by Japan's Sanyo and follows four reports of overheating. The recalled nine-cell batteries have the part number FRU P/N 92P1131 and sell for about $180. The Chinese PC maker, which has its world headquarters in Research Triangle Park, said consumers should stop using the recalled products immediately. The batteries can overheat if the laptop is dropped a certain way, striking the battery on a corner edge.

"Sanyo is going to financially support the recall. From a competitive perspective, we expect this recall to have only minimal, if any, impact," said Lenovo spokesman Ray Gorman. Benjamin Gray, a business computer analyst with Forrester Research Inc., said Lenovo maintains a solid reputation in the U.S. and Europe and should fare well despite the recall: "Yeah, this is certainly a difficult thing to deal with as a user and a customer but it's not something that will cause customers to move away from Lenovo, absolutely not."

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News source: MSNBC

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****, I have one of these extended batteries. Those fvckers just told me 4 - 6 weeks?!

consumers should stop using the recalled products immediately.
It's a laptop you a$$holes. What the fvck am I supposed to do in the meantime?!

Should be 208,000 recalled according to Lenovos website. We have a big batch of R60s in at work, and they fortunately weren't affected.

we all dont like cheap products from china etc and blame them if some product goes wrong or is under performing... but what happens when a products fails on MASS level which was produced or atleast innovated by company or companies based in techincally superior country like japan. should there be a Announcement by all major corporations of major technical failure in "design" and simply announce that they will stop producing this batteries. do they need some crazy ass mass suing by some crazy lawyer in america?

I got one IBM laptop (2yr old) dead here, its fan stopped and battery was frying my thigh flesh, but they wont replace cause I am out of warrenty.