Lenovo teases a "#betterway" for tablets; full reveal on October 30th

Lenovo has already announced plans to launch a number of new notebooks, hybrids and all-in-one Windows 8.1 PCs that will be released later this fall. However, it looks like the company has one more product it will announce on October 30th, and it's already started a teaser campaign.

The Lenovo YouTube channel has posted a video, shown above, that shows someone putting hot glue on a child's alphabet magnets and then gluing those magnets to the back of a tablet. The tablet is then placed on the side of a refrigerator with its makeshift magnet set up. The video ends with another message placed on the refrigerator, declaring, "A #betterway" is coming 30 October."

Lenovo's Facebook page was also updated today with the same teaser campaign, and a way for people to register to join a live stream event where we would guess the full reveal of whatever the company has planned will be made.

A recent rumor from Engadget stated that Lenovo might be working on something called the Yoga Tablet, which the report says will be able to stand itself up, without the need for a kickstand such as what is available on Microsoft's Surface tablets. The big question: Will this new tablet run on Windows 8.1 or on Android?

Source: Lenovo

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@ recursive,
Sure. One can always post links that are false and fraudulent, right!
You need a big rod to shake your bum and make the truth come out.

j2006 said,
Nothing wrong with that... WinRT does a lot more than you can do an iPad or Android tablet.

It has 1/10th the apps and most of them are repackaged websites. I fail to see how it can "do a lot more" than Android or iOS.

@ recursive,
It looks like you had a bad day at work or at home. And you are taking it out on Windows RT or Windows Phone. BTW, it is not WinRT but Windows RT that you want to talk about. And it is doing just fine merging itself with Windows Phone.
Whether you like it or not, Microsoft's strategic product in ARM space is a partial success. The very fact that they have a product (2 of them) to complement their Intel based OS is a success. Apple did that too. Can Google do that?

Android race to the bottom and inability to find buyers beyond 8 inch devices, and lack of apps for productivity, lack of a windowed multiuser/multitasking shell, lack of peripheral support means it can only be windows.