Lenovo's bizarre W700d advert

Interesting is one word we'd describe it as but plain bizarre is the outcome of a brand new advert for Lenovo's new W700d dual screen laptop.

The laptop got a mention shortly before Christmas and was one of the star attractions at this years CES in Las Vegas. Lenovo's marketing department is hardly creating a star like advert however.

The ad shows a male office worker and female colleague on a late-night work session. Whilst the two are working the male starts geeking out and describes the features of the new W700ds laptop from Lenovo. Whilst he is boasting about built in colour calibrators the female colleague starts removing various items of clothing until she is topless and hidden behind her own laptop. The advert is bizarre and according to Cnet was posted to the official Lenovo company blog earlier this week. One of the comments below from snuke describes this as a game of "strip who's-laptop's-better", spot on. Enjoy.

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That laptop is like having an ugly wife. Yes she can clean the dishes, iron your clothes, plough the fields but you would be embarrassed taking her to the pub.

"starts removing various items of clothing until she is topless and hidden behind her own laptop."

Actually, if you watch the video, she is hidden behind the pull out screen on HIS laptop.

I like internet viral adverts. They're generally longer, more arty and you can choose whether you want to watch them or not - in fact people often go out of their way to see them after articles like this.