Let the Ranting Begin

Hehe Thanks cpugeni for the heads up on this really funny article "Why I Won't Buy AMD" I couldn't stop laughing. This one is for Intel fans, or anyone that has a bad experience with setting up an AMD based PC.

Here is a snip from the article: AMD and I go a long way back, to the days of the K5's and Pentium Replacement speed ratings. It was a jolly ol k5-133 that flat out sucked compared to Intel's Pentium offering, but back then getting true blue was damn expensive. AMD had a place back then, being the cheesy budget chip manufacturer. Well, a few years back, AMD released that amazing chip: the Athlon.

I was impressed, I was happy, after all the Athlon kicked a lot of ass when it came out. Being the poor man that I was, I finally managed to get my hands on a k7-500, but damn was I unimpressed. The thing overheated like a bitch (the plastic casing was equivalent to a greenhouse) in my San Diego bedroom that reached the 90's and 100's during the summer. The thing rebooted all the time; BSoD's here and there, lockup's in games. When the damn thing was RUNNING it was fantastic.. too bad I spent more time fixing the damn thing than actually using it. People kept asking me "maybe you don't have a good power supply?" Well, I contend an Antec 300w should be enough, and if the chip needs more than that, then AMD can go beat themselves and either sell generators with their chips or learn a little bit about power efficiency. So I sold the AMD and went back to my celeron 366.. but by that time.. a celeron was sucking wind and I had to move on.

View: Why I won't buy AMD @ Tech-review.com

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This should be viewed as "light hearted fun" some of the language used may be offensive to younger viewers.

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