LG, Cisco and others looking to create common platform for future "Smart Homes"

While most folks are still getting used to the marvelous idea that their smartphones are always connected to the internet, some people are already looking towards the future and the so called “internet of everything”.

Smart Homes, where appliances and HVAC systems are always connected and can be controlled via apps on smartphones are part of this vision of the future, and now a consortium of companies is looking to create a common standard on which this vision can be built.

ABB, Bosch, Cisco, and LG are looking to work together to create a standard software platform on which all this future interconnectivity can be based on. While such smart systems already exist, most of them rely on different standard and can’t properly “talk” to each other.

The companies named here are looking to create a common set of functions, standards, features and security measures that will allow all appliances and systems to connect via physical wires or Wifi to a central hub, that will allow users to control those systems via apps on other devices.

The goal is to create the foundation on which all electronics manufacturers can then create an interconnected ecosystem; and while there’s no timeframe mentioned in the announcement, the sooner standardization comes to this field the sooner more users will get to experience it.

Source: Bosch Media Service | Remote Home Control image via Shutterstock

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This is what big companies usually revert to when they get their collective butts kicked by smaller, faster, more innovative companies. Let's set up a standard that includes our stuff and freezes out the little guys. So yes, we should do what )-(orus suggests and update existing standards instead.

Besides which, a smart home will just be a pipe dream until we get something far better and far faster than Wi-Fi.


Isn't that what UPNP (and DLNA, at least in part) is about? Shouldn't UPNP be updated to include more devices rather than having more "standards"?

Homes get smarter, while in parallel, the average people get dumber, thanks to education system.. good balance though.

We already have several "standards" for smart home communications (zigbee, z-wave..etc) we do NOT need another. These companies just have to collectively pick a pre-existing one.

betax said,
We already have several "standards" for smart home communications (zigbee, z-wave..etc) we do NOT need another. These companies just have to collectively pick a pre-existing one.

Exactly--my take on this is these so-called smart home ideas have never taken off because there's already way too many standards that aren't compatible.

How this is going to end up: http://xkcd.com/927/

I think that this is a great idea, I love when things are made standard! Yes the idea of it could be hacked but it'll be rare for the average home, and what could be done thaaat bad if hacked?
You don't see that much Wifi hacking and it'll be the same with this

I get that, but alas, it's only as secure as the user who set it up, don't get me wrong, I think it's a clever concept, but the first thing I thought was, 'I bet it's easy to get hacks/workarounds' and that would just make it a pain in the proverbial until 'fixed'