LG confirms Windows Mobile 7 devices due this year

During a press conference held at the Consumer Electronics Show today, LG confirmed they will be bringing Windows Mobile 7 powered devices to market this year.

Interestingly the phrase "late this year" was not used but simply "this year". LG also confirmed it has two smartphones it will be launching tomorrow at CES. In early December 2009 Microsoft rep Phil Moore confirmed that we won't see Windows Mobile 7 phones on the market until late 2010.

In September last year, Microsoft confirmed that the current team of 1,000 developers, working on Windows Mobile 7, are planning to feature social networks as a key element of Windows Mobile 7. Since September it has been quiet on the Windows Mobile 7 front. Microsoft officials confirmed they would talk about Windows Mobile 7 at the upcoming MIX 2010 conference in March next year. Microsoft also posted what appeared to be a concept UI for Windows Mobile 7 on the Office 2010 mobile site.

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hmm, wouldn't suprise me if MS was working on a Facebook phone with Facebook. I don't do facebook but I could see it being a hit provided they target the tweens for the long term.

Many of my family members would go batty for a facebook phone.

Slight correction needed?
Microsoft officials confirmed they would talk about Windows Mobile 7 at the upcoming MIX 2010 conference in March next year.

Should say this year no?

MS has got to get off their arse. If they don't let Windows Mobile and Zune get a room and make babies (hopefully Zune has the dominant genes), then just close the doors on Windows Mobile and walk away.

It's always delayed, 10 steps behind and buggy. I've used WinMo devices since the MPX200. Each time I get a new one I spend a few days hacking it to include what should have been out of the box items (IMO) like Tasks from Outlook on the homepage.

Hacking WinMo 6.5 Standard to have Titanium panels took awhile, but it looks fantastic and my device is just how I want it. Too bad it took 3rd party hacks to make the device freaking look good! (Thanks XDA Developers!!!)

well Microsoft says end of the year... so i guess no one knows.. I really hope after all this wait WinMo 7 wont be a disappointment!

I'm always optimistic, so I think that it's quiet on the WM7 front because they want to surprise and so on. 6.5 also wasn't a waste, or the newer 6.5.3 or 6.7, whatever the final build version will be, won't be either.

With everyone expecting a late 2010 release, MS could pull a fast one and release in time for summer.

warwagon said,
In that case then 6.5 was a waste of time.

pretty much but they needed something to keep people from whingeing about 6.1's fail till they figure out how to unscrew the distorted clusterf**k winmo's become lol