LG G2 Review: The battle of the Android flagship handsets

It’s hard to create a flagship smartphone that stands out from the crowd. When you get into a store and see the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, iPhone 5s, Nokia Lumia 1020, Moto X and others staring back at you, specifications and features blur together, making a decision to buy one more difficult than ever before.

What has LG done to make that purchasing decision easier? They've jam-packed nearly every feature you can imagine into the G2, from a powerful Qualcomm Snadpdragon 800 SoC and a 1080p display, to an optically stabilized camera and finely tuned software. LG has clearly thrown everything they can into this device, and on paper it looks close to a complete handset package.

Even though the G2 may come with a solid list of specifications, a list doesn’t reveal how well the features work together, or how fluid the experience is going to be. Is the LG G2 going to be that ideal competitor to the feature-rich Galaxy S4? Or has LG spent too much time packing in specs and not enough time on refinement?

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Oh, and you guys don't even care that it supports music files at 24bit/192khz (studio Quality). It does. Buy an album at HDTracks.com and take a listen on the LG G2.

Edited by jesseinsf, Oct 15 2013, 8:58am :

they always look good on paper but always have defects and horrible customer service. i have p990 and swear never buy lg again

The buttons on the back of the phone mean I couldn't use this even if I wanted too Need access when its in the car holder or heck, when its laying face up on the desk.

Putting the buttons on the back is the most retarded idea I've ever seen in a phone.

Seriously. What were they thinking?

I thought the same thing till i actually bought the phone. Its actually very nice and comfortable and my only complaint would be they could done a little more to be able to feel the difference on the 3 buttons so you can hit the right one. Though you do get use to it. They make up for the buttons on the back by having the knock to wake and easy to get to volumes and what not. Lol I dunno how I have even lived without the knock to wake function I dont even like using the buttons on phones now. My friend gave me his iphone to fix something and damn if i didnt knock on it like 10 times before i remembered thats just a lg feature lol felt stupid. At this point the next time i upgrade its going to need that knock feature for me. So much easier to lean over and tap on the screen at work and see who called or see the time than to pick it up and hit the button on the top like with my htc one

After so many bad experiences, I am not not sure I am ready to own LG phone

They always f*** something up.

but i am cautiously optimistic about nexus 5

After owning 2 LG phones in the past, I'd never buy an LG phone ever again. Their quality and support are just horrible. Nokia and Samsung are still clear winners in those spaces.