LG officially announces 5-inch Optimus Vu

Bigger is better, at least that seems to be the theme lately for smartphones. Samsung has generated a lot of attention with its Galaxy Note with its 5.3 inch screen (it is now officially on sale in the US via AT&T) and now LG is trying to do the same with today's official announcement of the Optimus Vu. The smartphone, which uses Android 2.3, has a huge 5-inch screen which has been set up in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

LG has previous teased the existence of the Optimus Vu but today comes the full reveal of the huge phone. The hardware inside is pretty good, too: it has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor from Qualcomm, 32 GB of storage space, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a front facing camera, an HDMI port (for those of you who think a 5-inch smartphone screen is still too small) and is just 8.5 mm thick. It can also support the faster LTE networks.

If you are put off by the fact that the LG Optimus Vu is still running the older Android 2.3, LG has promised that the smartphone will be getting an Android 4.0 upgrade at some point. The device is scheduled to go on sale in Korea in March but there's no word when the smartphone will make its Western debut.

Image via LG

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If it comes with a pen I can see this being a cool product for the business crowd. The same market Galaxy Note was made for. Not sure this was ever meant for consumer market.

the 5.3" size isnt whats going to make ti hard to hold, its the 4:3 aspect ratio of the screen thats going to make it hard to hold.

Bigger is better. well. if you enjoy being seen talking to a sandal stuck to your face. sure. always makes me laugh when i see peeple talking on galaxy note.

A good way of putting it.
I remember when I got my HTC HD2 when it just got out. Its size was the biggest at that time and I was worried if I could hold it in my hands. Now this. Wow, it indeed is a small tablet that makes calls.

nominak said,
Why do people think phones this big are good? They're huge.

I say... is rather a tablet that "happens" to make calls.

nominak said,
Why do people think phones this big are good? They're huge.

agreed... at this point it is no longer a phone but a tablet. I use a phone to talk on not surf the internet on but with current models you have no choice but go to these models as they are shifting out all the older basic phones. Amazes me how many people online lie too about not having a camera on their phones... Lol they all come stock with a camera I don't know of any now made that don't have it.

brent3000 said,
Love it how they say "It has 2.3 but we are working on upgrading our not yet launched product to the latest version"

Which at later date, will be abandoned because it's old. *sigh*