LG set to launch 'Watch Phone' in the UK this August

Orange has announced its plans to offer LG's touchscreen watch phone in UK stores this August.

Available from Orange for a limited time period, the Watch Phone will be available at an exclusive price point on Orange pay as you go. Although Orange hasn't officially confirmed the price, gadget site T3 believe it could be close to £1,000 for the unit.

The touchscreen watch is crammed full of the latest technology. The device features a compact and stylish design with a Bluetooth headset, in-built speaker and a full touch-screen interface, as well as 3G+ and video-calling capabilities.

Tom Alexander, CEO Orange UK said: "The Watch Phone is the must-have gadget of 2009. It's handcrafted, exclusively limited, and will turn heads on the high street." According to Orange they are "focused on bringing a 21st-century experience to our 21st century customers".

If you're an Inspector Gadget fan then you'll be able to realise your dream and phone Brain too:

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I think the pricing for a new product is as expected. Its way smaller than all the unpractuical cheap chinese ones on ebay, plus none of the others have 3g, and hence none of them have video calling, this is the first of its kind, and I would expect it to launch with a high price before it gets affordable.

This is just strange to me... I mean, sure it has some cool factor, but how useful would it really be in the long run? Is anyone REALLY going to want to talk into their watch?

ThomMcK said,
But, more importantly, can you use it to tell the time?

I bet you can't, and if they have shake to shuffle feature, those bankers that will buy it will be stuffer

Personally, I wouldn't ever use anything like this and expect it to be a flop... I hate using hands free or blue-tooth walking around in public because it looks like you're a crazy person talking to yourself.

Phantom Helix� said,
This also has Video Conferencing , imagine speaking to a tiny 1.4 inch video of your girlfriend on your wrist on the Subway lol

well at least you wont see how crappy the picture looks, like being taken by a 0.1 megapixel cam and compressed with 3gpp ... it'll be too small to notice

will be popular, assuming it works reasonably well. These kind of things take off like nothing else in the gen. population...

You realize this thing costs around $1,500-$2,000 USD?

this is not by any means going to be popular 10 royal yuppies maybe buy them, and few dozen stupidly rich but not the general public.

and it sounds like will be limited production.

This is the equivalent of comparing a standard factory Macbook to the Stealth black Macbook being made by Colorware http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-183-stealth-macbook-pro.aspx

they are only making 10 of those and cost $5,000

The Real Alex said,
How can you talk on the phone with it? I find it weird if you have to put your hand up to your ear to talk.

its called a bluetooth headset, sir

lol fantastic, but seriously wtf is this? Not only is it a ugly phone its an ugly watch, how many languages can we spell failure in?

Eurotech do a bit bigger thing like this for WAY cheaper, and hell it runs linux so you can put what the hell you want on it!