LG teases its G3 again in official videos ahead of launch

Will there be anything left to announce when LG formally unveils its new G3 flagship smartphone next week? After weeks and weeks and weeks of leaks, the handset's specs were all but confirmed earlier today, thanks to AnTuTu benchmarks that appear to be the real deal.

Aside from the leaks, though, LG is evidently keen to generate some buzz around its upcoming range-topper too. After LG released its first official teaser video for the phone last week, Android Authority spotted three new videos from the company, posted on a new G3 microsite from LG Korea. 

The first video offers a decent view of the handset as a whole, although it remains unclear whether its bodywork is actually real metal, or – as some have suggested – polycarbonate with a special metal-effect finish. If it's the latter, it looks pretty convincing from what we've seen so far. 

In the second video, the company reconfirms that the device will have a Quad HD (a resolution of 2560x1440) display. As earlier leaks revealed, this will be a 5.5-inch IPS LCD, with pixel density of 538ppi.

The CEO of Huawei Mobile recently claimed that Quad HD screens on mobile phones are "a stupid thing", adding: "Your eyes totally cannot identify between Full HD and 2K on a smartphone. You can't distinguish the difference, so it's totally nonsense." Evidently, LG has a somewhat different perspective on things. 

The final video is all about the camera, and seems to gel with the many rumours that the G3's rear shooter will get a laser autofocus system, which should improve low-light performance considerably. 

The LG G3 will get its official launch on May 27 at an event in London, and Neowin will be there, so stay tuned!

Source: Android Authority | videos via LG Korea

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Screen resolution that high but with the same graphics processor as the G2 (and a lot of other phones from last and this year including S5/M8): Adreno 330.

If they want to up the resolution, they need to up the graphics processing power to cope with the extra pixels.

I agree with the Huawei guy. More than 1080p on a screen less than 6 inches (heck, 8 inches) is a waste of time and money

Seeing no reason to upgrade from the G2.

I was almost hyped for this phone until I saw it uses the same snapdragon chipset as the S5, and One M8, no point in pushing negligible resolution at the cost of battery life and performance.

HTC has a 2600 battery, S5 a 2800 battery. The LG G3 a 3000 battery. And according to battery testing, they get a pretty decent battery life. So i doubt the G3 will be that bad.

Performance is another deal as the S5 Touchwiz which is the cause of the lag and why the Moto E is faster over the S5 in several areas. HTC Sense and the LG UI seem to be much more smoother than the S5.

hmm I might look into some roms to see if I can remove that lag. The M8 is a good phone but the screen is not as nice as the S5 and the camera sensor is showing its age on the M8.