LG to launch dual-format HD DVD, Blu-ray player

LG will next week unveil a consumer optical disc player capable of handling both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc next-generation disc formats, it has emerged. The company appears to have confirmed that it will launch the device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, but it's keeping mum on details like availability and pricing. Samsung is the name most associated with dual-format players - the LG rival last year admitted it was considering such a device, having been earlier rumoured to be working on one. Later, Samsung indicated it had nixed the notion, preferring to put its full weight behind the Blu-ray Disc format, which it has long been a supporter.

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News source: The Reg

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So what kind of prices can we expect for an internal PC drive?
250$? less?
Once you can rent more movies these are gonna sell like crazy and when you can backup your movies the revolution will begin for real.
But it might take a while before they finally let go of the brakes.
Whenever that happens, DVDs movies are gonna be priced like VHS are now.

I see HD-DVD as winning the consumer side (movies, games, etc) but Blu-Ray winning the corporate side (data backup security, etc). I don't think either will go away.

There isn't a patent issue for manufacturing a dual device but one of cost. Paying royalties for both formats would be expensive unless both camps gave LG a break. It's a win/win device for the consumer but doesn't help HD-DVD or Blu-Ray camps determine the winner.

That's the consumer's job....

lg do nice dual format drives and ery cheap price lets hope this will be the same.

Right now Bluray its not beating HD-DVD so i think that LG and many others its wise to release in dual format and let the user choose.

I'm not glad...it will impact on price to the consumer's expense.

If both stay, something fishy is going on. The reason I say this is that 9/10 the reason one company win's over another (assuming both products have similar capabilities - like these two) is normally down to price.

If both are hanging around, get set for expense!

if both standards stay, then there will be players that will play both for sure, I'm glad to see someone making such a device at this early stage though.

i thought there was some patent that said you couldn't have both blu-ray and HD DVD in the same player?

still sounds very kool though, i'm sure many others will follow in there footsteps..