LG unveils insane 5.5-inch screen with Q-HD resolution

LG is a company known for creating some insane devices and technology in the hopes that some of them will become massive hits. And in this spirit they have now unveiled a new handset screen capable of displaying an insane resolution: 2566x1440.

This new screen outclasses everything currently on the market when it comes to handsets. The screen, coming in at 5.5 inches, will feature "quad HD" resolution, giving the display 538 pixels per inch. For reference, the Retina iPad has a resolution of 2048x1056 on a 9.7-inch screen.

LG explains that this is a breakthrough in screen technology that will benefit consumers by providing crisper images and better color reproduction than any displays currently on the market. And while we can’t argue with how awesome this technology truly is, we can confidently say that the benefit to consumers will be minimal. In fact the opposite might be true.

Thanks to Apple, it’s become common knowledge that the human eye can’t distinguish anything above 350 pixels per inch when viewed at a normal distance, so even though, objectively, the image clarity is increasing, most people actually won't be able to see that unless looking extremely close to the screen. Higher resolution also means increased processing power is needed to move around all those pixels, which means higher energy consumption which means devices will last less and less between charges.

LG is welcome to boast their technical achievement, as we mentioned before it’s nothing short of awesome. But consumers should probably stay away from devices with such displays, at least until our GPUs and batteries catch up with the screen tech.

Source: Slashgear | Image via Slashgear

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ARM loves this. as silly fandroids are still stuck on the dpi race, like humanity was in the days of the MHz myth, android will require even more power to run w/o lag and even bigger batteries just to last a day.

Please bring instead this kind of resolutions to PC & tablets, when really is a need for higher definitions.
What's next, 10.000 x 8.000 resolution on a 6'' display? ****.
We don't need such resolution, we need several days battery life, goddamn it!

PS: 720p on a 4-5'' inch phone display is just fine! Even 1080p is overkill.

I'm not that impressed because this will need a beefy battery and there has been barely any innovation where battery is concerned. Personally speaking, my eyes cannot make a difference between 720p and 1080p on a small screen let alone between 1080p and QHD.

People complain about Apple not innovating, but on the Android side of things it pretty much ends with increasing screen size + resolution to insane proportions.

All Apple has done in the past three years is change screen size (iPad Mini, iPhone 5) and + resolution to insane proportions (Putting "Retina" displays on its various products in order to justify a new model).

This is going beyond ridiculous.

How about they increase 21-24", mainstream desktop displays' resolution to 3840 * 2160 for a change, where it could actually make a difference.

We've been stuck on 1920 * 1080 for a quite a while now.

This! I won't attempt the maths, but I think there'd be quite a market for something like the Dell U2913WM at 2160p. One monitor where there was two? Yes please!

I guess PC/Monitor interconnects are a limiting factor?

eddman said,
This is going beyond ridiculous.

How about they increase 21-24", mainstream desktop displays' resolution to 3840 * 2160 for a change, where it could actually make a difference.

We've been stuck on 1920 * 1080 for a quite a while now.

Economics. We've known for years now that using 1080p panels for TVs and monitors alike gave the benefits of scale and allowed the low prices that have spoiled the consumer. Mobile devices and laptops are seeing unconventional sizes and resolutions because they're such a massive sector of the market, but frankly, there hasn't been enough demand in desktop computing with standalone monitors to drive new display technology for years.

Your only hope is if 4k TV takes off. That's the only way.

You could credit the iMac for driving a modest volume, but 27" 2560x1440 panels have dived down to enthusiast budgets very rapidly, without any consumer-electronics counterpart. Hopefully we'll see the same happen to 4k monitors even without commoditisation; I think 32" 4k tellies will be a hard sell.

LOL you made me laugh, thanks for that
That's just a piece of plastic which holds the display and required hardware for it, it's not a phone, it's just a dummy device to show of the display, just like the xbox and ps3 dev kits are just regular computers instead of nice looking consoles

Seahorse is right.

Take a look at the logo "LG Display".... The black frame is for holding the display screen to hook it up for the display testing.

spy beef said,
That is most ugly phone ever

Someone doesn't understand mock hardware used for showing or testing things.... This is likely a dev board used to interface to the display...it is not a phone.