Life on the EEEdge: Daily life with Asus' tiny laptop

Like many gearheads, I've owned a lot of portable computers over the years -- and I've wanted to replace every last one with a smaller, sleeker upgrade, from the "luggable" Apple IIc onward. But most of those upgrades have left me disappointed: with the lack of software; with cheap, hard-to-use interfaces; and with "optional" add-ons that were in fact very much necessary to make the machine useful. And then the Asus Eee came around, leaving a trail of effusive reviews and eager buyers. I started to feel the same old hope: Could the Eee be the Mini-Me of PCs that I've been searching for all these years?

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I'm using my eeePC now and it is fantastic for everyday things like creating documents checking emails out of the office etc, I will still be regularly using my desktop for the more intensive stuff but for mobility and ease of use this thing excellent for the price.

I completely agree, I've had mine for little more than two weeks now and in that time I've cut down my desktop use by something like 90%, now I only use it for gaming and heavy surfing or something else where I need a large screen and keyboard.

I think this article was too negative:

1. The keyboard is not too small, granted your not gonna be writing your p.hd on this thing but it's more than enough for all the everyday stuff.

2. The battery life is okay, I've been using it since 12:30 (now it's 13:47) and the indicator in win xp says that the battery is at 70%. I would have loved for it to have 12 hours like that lifebook I had my eyes on, but this unit only cost me 220£ so I I can live with it (or maybe I'll buy a spare battery later on).

3. The screen could have been larger, but that would have meant that the unit would be larger and possibly heavier and I don't think that's the purpose of the eee pc 701 (I'm definately gonna consider of an upgrade though if the 1001 comes out).

4. He's probabaly right about the webcam but I think that the microphone is okay most of the time. But I don't really use the webcam or themicrophone that much so I don't really care.

5. The current eee is underpowered but it's still great for basic websurfing and document reading/writing. Also, an upgraded eee is due to arrive around march 2008 which will use a newer platform and a smaller cpu that will give more power and also do away with the (slightly annoying) fan, so no need to doom the eee just yet.

6. All my devices worked well with my eee's Xandros, but if you don't like it, simply throw windows in there and your device compatability problems are gone (you'll get other problems like malware but some people can live with that threat).

So to conclude, the eee is great for all the everyday stuff.

I forgot to say that I wrote all this from my eee while eating breakfast :P.

I would have gotten one if they didn't screw up the screen by making it a crazy resolution. One thing a lot of people don't realize is yes for the same price you can get a full size laptop. I'd much rather carry around a less powerful 2lb computer than a 6.2lb (Dell Inspiron @ same price) laptop. I definitely wouldn't want to program on it though.....

It will be interesting to see competitor's response to the Eee. There should be more manufacturers trying to perfect smaller and smaller PCs because there is a market.

Maybe this review is just really negative. But after looking it over, I'd rather have a slightly larger superior computer with me rather than that. It looks interesting, and I'd like to see one in action, but I do not think I'll ever buy an Eee.

I don't think the review was overly negative. It fairly pointed out what consumers would need to know before buying. This unit isn't to compete with full-sized, full-featured laptops. There were positive points as well as negatives due mostly to the size and lower-end feature set.

There's one from a company called Everex, as reported on . It would be interesting, I agree, to see what else comes about. I think a Blackberry, with a slightly larger screen and an HDD would be killer.

I'm getting an EEE today and I'll post a review on Neowin in the coming week. I'm honestly going to reformat the system and put XP on it. IMO, I don't want to sit in front of a power gobbler desktop to do my workflow and I find it too distracting. My EEE is Windows + Office only.

It does suck that some apps are really getting larger and when something like the EEE comes along, I think it might put pressure on firms like Microsoft to come out with a lower-cost and smaller version of Windows and Office (OEM editions) for UMPCs. Time will tell, but with a couple million EEE's already sold in North America and Asia (from what reports I've read), it might be the "future" of portable computing for the masses.

I am posting from mine now and I have to agree that it's not a use-all-the-time machine but it is damn good and has set a precedent in the PC world.