Lifelogger: A poor man's Google Glass

Lifelogger is attempting to create the ultimate lifeblogging camera. This new wearable will capture all your precious moments in life; combine it with metadata and the cloud, to bring a new and unique experience to adopters. The unit is also priced $1331 USD less than the publicly released Google Glass. 

The Lifelogger camera will be worn above the ear, almost like a Bluetooth headset, and will be supported by a band that goes behind the neck to the other ear. The camera will capture 5MP images and video at 720P. The Lifelogger camera will also pack GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many other sensors that will capture data in order to increase the functionality and experience.

The pictures, videos, and other data will be organized on Lifelogger’s cloud service, making it easy to navigate and organize captured moments on a visual timeline. The cloud service will also have tools that will recognize text, voices, and faces. 

In order to minimize its size, Lifelogger will not have a visual display. Instead, it will rely on an application that will be available for iOS and Android. The application will allow you to organize your existing pictures/videos, control the device, and also have the ability to live stream.

The Kickstarter project is currently in its early stages of funding. For early adopters the Lifelogger will cost $169 USD. The project will come to a close in 47 days and will end on July 1st, 2014.

Source: Lifelogger | Image via Lifelogger

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Actually, I welcome these types of devices. I'm thinking in terms of crime witnesses & their low accuracy in IDing the perps. Also, do you really think that you aren't being photographed or on a live feed anytime you aren't in your home? Look at traffic cams, shoplifting cams in stores, security cams on the outside of buildings, etc. Why would you have an expectation of privacy when you're out in PUBLIC? Public is the opposite of private. We are being watched more than you think about.

I don't mind security filming me, with the assumption that the recording will be used for the purpose of safely operating a business or government.

What I do have a problem with is people filming people, stirring up trouble (e.g. TMZ and the Youtube generation), stalking (face recognition is going to be a natural evolution of this type of technology. Just wait until you can look at a total stranger and pull up where they live, where they work, where their kids go to school, etc.), or perving (if glass becomes 'accepted', more people will be wearing it - most with good intentions, but it will enable others with less desirable reasons)

LogicalApex said,
And so it begins...

Soon we will have to fight to keep ourselves off cameras where we don't expect to be filmed.

If people were so intent of recording strangers, they could do it much cheaper, and much less suspiciously already, 1080p recording pens and watches are readily available on Amazon.

IF anyone wanted to privately film someone, they would use one of the already many methods of doing so that are more discrete than glass and have higher record time and better quality.

I really dont get this stigma towards glass or products like it.

TsarNikky said,
Coming to a restroom near you. "Warning! premises under video surveillance."

But what if I have my phone out right after I wash my hands to check the time?! OMG! It has a camera on it! You're being recorded! I can't stop it from doing that!

One can look at one's wristwatch, or check the time outside of the restroom, or have the camera turned off. Its called "being considerate of the rights of others."