LightScribe System Software

The LightScribe System Software (LSS) is required for proper operation of your LightScribe system. Updates are released regularly to support new hardware or recently introduced LightScribe CDs and DVDs, and will ensure optimal and reliable operation of your LightScribe Labeling system.

The LightScribe System Software installation includes an application that allows you to customize your LightScribe settings and to monitor your system Information. Locate and double click the LightScribe icon in the System Tray in the lower right corner of your Window.


LightScribe enabled drive, media, and labeling software also needed.

Download: LightScribe System Software
Link: Home Page

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I love my lightscribe drive. I got it off newegg for $30

Haven't actually burned a cd / dvd with it. I already have a drive for that. I just use it for the lightscribing. Once you tell it to crank up the quality to best. They start looking really good. The difference between best and good, is like best to sucks ass!