Like comics? You can access Marvel's 15,000-strong comic book library for $0.99

Although Marvel has recently found tremendous success in film and television, they haven't forgotten their roots -- old-fashioned comic book print. That's why the company has announced an exclusive deal ahead of Comic Con 2014 for those who want to experience the days of comic books all over again, minus the paper cuts: full access to Marvel Unlimited, their online archive of over 15,000 comic books, for only 99 cents.

The subscription ends after a month, so reading fast is a must. It'll cost $9.99 a month (or $69 a year, if you opt to pay all at once) for each month after that, so while you might not be able to read every single one of Marvel's 15,000 digital comic books in just 30 days, there's plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to continue your subscription afterwards.

In addition to access via web browser on, the company offers free Android and iPhone apps for reading on the go. And with exclusive content only offered on Marvel Unlimited, like Infinite Comics (designed specifically to be read on a digital screen) and storylines for Marvel blockbusters like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, paying just 99 cents for near-limitless comic book content is an obvious choice.

Source: Marvel via Wired | Image via Marvel

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this would be a good deal if they included new comics. But Unlimited seems to be for older comics. House of M, Avengers vs Xmen, or even Civil War are not offered. So as someone that just got back in to comics after a 25 year hiatus, its not really useful.

My8th said,
They'll be a delay of 6 months before a new comic is put on Marvel Unlimited.

For some. Other big hitters could take longer. Its Netflix for comics.

As someone who's never been into comics, why are they even called "comics" if the goal is not to be comical?

Then again, I'm not a fan of the term "graphic novel" either.

The annual subscription for Marvel is $69.00 per year so even after the 99 cent per month it is $5.75 a month so it's still cheaper.
Netflix is $107.88 per year and that is with the cheapest plan.

monthly sub is 9.99, you know, it says right there in the article, ure if you prepay for a whole year it's slightly cheaper, but...