Lines already forming for PS4 U.S launch; Sony predicts 3 million sold by end of 2013

The launch of the PlayStation 4 console is coming to a head in the U.S. Already, reports are coming in on Twitter feeds that a few brave souls are standing in line at some stores before the official PS4 launch at midnight on Friday.

One of them is a man who goes by the Twitter handle "Warzonegamer" who is currently in line at the official Sony Store in New York City.

The official PlayStation blog has posted information on which retailers in the U.S. are holding midnight launch events for the PS4. It also announced that the Sony Store in San Francisco will hold a special event for the launch, which will include giveaways such as a PS4 signed by Sony PlayStation U.S. head Jack Tretton.

Speaking of Tretton, he was quoted in a Bloomberg article on Monday claiming that the PS4 will sell 3 million units worldwide by the end of 2013 and 5 million by the end of March 2014. He added, "I’m excited about next week to be able to talk about what was sold as opposed to what we may sell."

So far, Microsoft has not chosen to predict how many of its Xbox One consoles it will sell by the end of the year. It launches one week after the PS4 U.S. release on Nov. 22nd.

Source: Bloomberg, Warzonegamer on Twitter and Sony | Image via Sony

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If anyone took the time to read up on this guy, here are some notes.

1. He is no longer in line at that store, nor is he camped out anywhere. But stated he will still attend a launch event somewhere and provide videos (lulz).

2. The launch for the console is in San Fan apparently, per the guys videos as to why he is leaving.

3. He actually quit his job (hopefully not to wait in line) and that is why he was waiting so early.

4. He was one of the first (25) people for the PlayStation 3 launch event (in New York that time) and actually got a gift bag which included a FREE PlayStation 3, so there is motivation there. Not to mention all the friends and people he got to meet at the event. Along with news coverage and interviews from GameStop, etc.

Just sayin. I give him an A for effort, but a A for stupidity also, not researching where the launch was...

There was no reason to not just preorder either console. Stores had preorders open for quite some time and then opened again every now and then. Amazon doesn't even require a deposit for preorders and you can cancel anytime before ship.

I'll be sitting at home, enjoying a nice glass of hot chocolate when the UPS guy (or FedEx) hand delivers my console directly to my door.

And many of these people are probably scumbags who just can't wait to get it and resell it for double the price.
Already seeing ads in my local classifieds for people reselling their system when they get it on Friday for $700+.

Can't stand people who camp out for crap.. can't stand it for product releases, can't stand it for black friday deals.. its just disgusting.

TheGeekNextDoor said,
If he is in line, who will cash his welfare check for him?

he probably got an advance at the local moneymart for a healthy 20% interest for the week

In 2 years people will say the same about videogames release, since they both will have day 0 available games. I laughter hard when my cousin waited in line at 12h00 at 2c for 1 hour when I was in my room ,heated.. For bf4 release.(I have the PC version, he have the ps3)

I think its more of look at me look at me ill wait in line for 3 days for a silly little game console (or any product) to be first online, the only time when i wait inline for something is when ive bought someat from a shop and waiting to pay for it.... even that gets on my nerves!!

Waiting in line to get a non-essential product is so sad. Power to the customer?! yeah, right. Power to the marketing departments of the multinationals who have bred a generation of sycophant zealots that "fight" for "their" product as if it was a matter of life and death. Android vs. iOS, PS4 vs. X-1...sad, sad.

First of all, this isnt the 1800's

second of all, ive happily pre-ordered an xbox one unit.... which, by the way, will arive on my doorstep the morning of its release.

The_Decryptor said,
Yeah, I've got a unit reserved so that I don't have to wait in line, I can walk in whenever I want and pick it up.

I've not even pre-ordered and I'll walk in when ever I want and pick it up too.

Isn't pre-ordering to ensure you get a day one release console so you can enjoy all the long nights waiting to go get it, frustration of people pushing you about, so you can go home feeling sleepy, but high on the fact that you can be the first to experience the servers being overloaded, broken logins and finding show stopper bugs that they forgot to test before release ... and generally being the first group of people to be super excited and disappointed at the same time?

sagum said,

I've not even pre-ordered and I'll walk in when ever I want and pick it up too.

Where do you live? Without a pre-order here in Ireland you won't get a PS4 at gamestop till after new year!

I don't get why so much hate for people who like to camp out for preorders! Its something that is exciting for that person. I know if I didn't have to school and work, I'd challenge myself to do the same for the Xbox One!

The same way you all hate for people camping out for something they are excited about is the same way I laugh at the idiots who set aside time to watch a TV show as soon as it airs!

Richio said,
How does 3 million compare to that of the PS3

I believe in the first month, 1.6 million, and in 2 months 3.5 million.

Gonna be funny when everyone else arrive to the store on Friday and get the console as the same time as those queuing for days.

hardquest said,
How mentally damaged you must be to do that? Just be at home and wait when it will be delivered!

Agreed. Do none of these people have jobs? Or lives??

M_Lyons10 said,

Agreed. Do none of these people have jobs? Or lives??

I think people in general just need a goal to focus on.. These people don't really have much going on in their lives and are looking for a challenge. Its just sad that people challenge themselves these days with waiting in line to give a multibillion dollar corporation.

M_Lyons10 said,

Agreed. Do none of these people have jobs? Or lives??

Looking at the standard N4G and GAF crowd...I's hazard a guess saying NO!